Skull and Bones La Peste Boss Tricks - Season 1

Game: Skull and Bones
Time: 2024-02-21
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In the Tides of Terror event, each season of Skull and Bones will introduce a new pirate lord, who, upon hearing of the rich bounty and opportunities in the Indian Ocean, has come from afar to steal their share by any means necessary.

In Season 1, that pirate lord will be Philippe La Peste, a poisonous presence on the ocean.

La Peste's ship is a massive, glowing green vessel and dealt heavy damage by raining poison down from the sky.

Skull and Bones La Peste

Periodically, his ship would deploy floating bombs in the water, critical to dispatch before they sank one of our ships.

We needed to take him out once and for all.

I decided to switch it up to a healing class, equipping the Bark ship with long-range weapons, close-range cannons in case of a dogfight, and healing bombards.

Skull and Bones weapon
Skull and Bones weapon

Agility was key in this fight to avoid falling poison mortars and floating bombs and, sometimes, friendly ships.

But working together, using our combined firepower and healing abilities, we were able to sink the pirate lord and his massive ship to the depths.

The beginning of Season 1 is February 27. This was revealed in a Ubisoft developer live stream.