THE FINALS: Specializations Pros And Cons

Game: The Finals
Time: 2023-12-28
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Specializations are abilities that are available in THE FINALS, and each Build has different specializations available to them. This allows contestants to further customize their Build to compliment their preferred playstyle. This guide will show you each specialization's pros and cons in the game.

Light Build

THE FINALS Light Build Specializations

Cloaking Device: When active, this device makes you completely vanish while stationary and turns you almost invisible while moving.  
Pros: The Cloaking Device can be very useful in an attempt to get behind the enemy, making it easier to eliminate them as they must first turn around to shoot at you.   
Cons: Activating the ability makes a unique sound that all nearby contestants can hear, and this sound persists if you are moving while invisibility is active. This will make it easier for the enemy to locate you than without the specialization.

Evasive Dash: You can use this ability to quickly dash in front or sideways.   
Pros: It enables quick movement throughout the arena, in the air and on the ground. It enables freedom of movement and allows the user to be more aggressive in combat while also offering the mobility to disengage from a risky fight.  
Cons: After using at least one dash, a cooldown will begin that will recharge all dashes, as well as the long cooldown after the three dashes, making it less reliable when an attack does not reach its climax within the first few seconds. After this, the user could become vulnerable to a counterattack. Furthermore, the Evasive Dash could result in overlooking traps such as mines.

Grappling Hook: It allows users to navigate the game's different arenas with increased mobility.  
Pros: The Grappling Hook can be used to reach high places, cross gaps, and escape danger quickly. It can be very useful for reaching high places that enemies may be occupying, surprising them, and giving you an advantage in combat.   
Cons: While flying through the air, the user will be left without cover, and a slow and high trajectory could make them an easy target. The Grappling Hook might be easy to use, but it is hard to master, and many new users may leave themselves without cover and far from their team.

Medium Build

THE FINALS Medium Build Specializations

Guardian Turret: It can be considered an automated defense weapon that you can place at Cashouts to protect the machine from enemies trying to steal it.   
Pros: The Guardian Turret can be very effective at area denial, controlling choke points, and dealing high amounts of damage to enemies. It can be deployed in unexpected locations to surprise and attack enemies.  
Cons: The turret has limited range and slow rotational speed, which may allow players to get behind it from a distance. Any melee weapon can take down the turret in a moments notice.

Healing Beam: It allows you to heal your teammates quickly and prepare them for the next fight, better yet, you can even use this equipment during combat.  
Pros: The Healing Beam is a very strong tool to keep a team alive and healthy for prolonged periods of time. Its self-snapping feature is also very useful.   
Cons: The supporting role of the Healing Beam leaves the wielder defenseless while using it, and it is fairly easy to disrupt this specialization if an opposing team focuses on the Medium Build rather than the team member who is being healed.

Recon Senses: It'll highlight enemies around you even through walls and objects.   
Pros: This specialization can give players a tactical advantage by allowing them to track the movements of enemies and plan their attack or defense accordingly. It is most effective when used in combination with good communication and teamwork.  
Cons: Players who are not able to communicate with their team will not be able to share the location of highlighted enemies through structures, which means this specialization may not be as beneficial to the team as the Healing Beam or Guardian Turret.

Heavy Build

THE FINALS Heavy Build Specializations

Charge 'N' Slam: You can use this special ability to slam through objects and walls. Moreover, you can slam attack enemies to lower their health.  
Pros: The primary strength of the Charge'  N' Slam is the sheer destructive potential of a single charge. Secondly, it can make descending an additional opportunity to take down enemies directly below.  
Cons: Its weakness lies in the lack of protection it brings with it. Though a Heavy build has a reasonable amount of health, it cannot withstand continuous hits and the Charge'  N' Slam can leave you overextended and lacking cover, making you a fairly easy target from medium to long ranges.

Goo Gun: Activating the ability will equip the Goo Gun, allowing the user to shoot blobs of Goo.  
Pros: The Goo Gun may not seem that powerful but it's an extremely fun tool to use. You get infinite ammo of Goo that you can shoot to block off entrances and prevent enemies from stealing your Cashout.  
Cons: Using the Goo Gun leaves the user unable to use a normal weapon while it is equipped. Goo is countered by Fire, which will quickly destroy it and may leave the team exposed to attack.

Mesh Shield: It can be used to mitigate any damage in the direction the user is facing and can be deployed at any time.  
Pros: The shield has large health pool and can be very useful to push an objective where opponents are bunkering down and holding sightlines. The shield can be held indefinitely as long as its health does not reach zero.  
Cons: Its main weakness is the relatively long animation to deploy it, as well as making the user vulnerable to flanks from other directions. Furthermore, whilst the shield is active, the user cannot equip any weapon, which means they are more dependent on their team to protect their flanks and deal damage.