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What are Overwatch 2 Coins?

Overwatch Coins are the in-game currency used in Overwatch 2. With your Overwatch Coins, you can buy the Premium Battle Pass and in-game cosmetic items to customize your heroes. Owners of the Premium Battle Pass can also use Overwatch Coins to unlock Tiers and instantly access Legendary and Mythic content.

How To Get Overwatch 2 Coins?

If you play Overwatch 2, you know that it's important to have cool cosmetics. While cosmetics don't do anything to improve your gameplay, they do let you show off your own personal style, and it's an integral part of the game. You must buy them with coins. There are a couple of methods to getting Overwatch 2 Coins:

   You can get 60 Overwatch Coins per week by completing the 11 weekly challenges in-game.
   If you use Bing Rewards, 1,800 points will get you 200 Overwatch Coins.
   If you want a lot of coins fast, you can buy them in-game, online, or in the Battle.net client.

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About Overwatch 2:

Overwatch 2 is a colorful, team-based, fantasy action game starring a diverse cast of powerful heroes. Build a team, travel the world, and compete in exhilarating 5v5 objective-based combat. Overwatch 2 requires tremendous critical thinking, teamwork, and creativity from players to control objectives and influence the match's outcome.

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