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POE Atlas Boost

$ 49.10


Boosting Method


Victorious Armor Set:

What you will get

1. Atlas Maps completed;
2. All the loot;
3. Bonus and awakening objectives completed;
4. Bosses killed (add in options);
5. Screenshots and streaming if requested;

Atlas Maps are some of the most important end-game encounters, where you can find the most valuable loot for your character. Such as, for example, the Awakened Support Gems, which are far more powerful versions of regular Support Gems, and many other great items.

Of course, clearing those maps is not an easy task even for an experienced player, with powerful and well-builded character. Wave after wave of furious monsters can prove your playstyle being wrong quite easily. But we can help you with that.

Let our pro-players do all the hard work for you, so you'll only have to enjoy the rewards! Just select desired options in the offer's details and confirm your purchase, so your manager can proceed with your order.

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