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Buy PoE Boneshatter Build right now! Get a full-ready Marauder with access to one of the easiest builds.

This Boneshatter build is played through the avatar of fire, where Marauder converts all his physical damage into fire damage. Among defensive mechanics, he has huge armor indicators of 200000+ as well as 11 Endurance charges, which provides huge survivability. The build is able to complete 98% of the game content without pushing any buttons.

It has non-standard damage mechanics. It has very high base damage, but the downside is the damage that attacker receives will increase for the parties at both ends of the weapon. This status is called Trauma, and it lasts for 6 seconds - you want to increase this bonus to its limit. So for each hit, stacks of Trauma are accumulated, thereby inflicting damage on Marauder but treating it with huge indicators of physical absorption. Each stack of Trauma deals 4 more damage and increases attack speed.

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NOTE: Some of the items can be a little different in the final version.

*Survivability ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
*Map clearing speed⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
*Boss killing⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Fully geared and prepared character;
Custom-made PoB for your build.

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95 lvl - choose this option, and we'll boost you up to level 95 with a 20% discount;

How does the boneshatter build work?

Boneshatter is an incredibly powerful Melee Strike only available to those wielding Axes, Staves, Maces, and Sceptres. However, the user of the weapon will also take a certain amount of damage, called Trauma, that lasts for 6 seconds. This damage can be mitigated by using the Juggernaut ascendancy, which specializes in Physical Damage mitigation and increasing the Endurance Charge perks. With this setup, the character can reach up to 10,000 Maximum Life, have additional reduction in Physical, Elemental, and general Damage taken, and a huge amount of Resistance. This makes it so that the Boneshatter will have little to no effect on the user, even allowing them to reserve their Life to reap the benefits of Bloodthirst, if they have enough Maximum Life.

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