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Victorious Armor Set:

All the unique cosmetics of the Sentinel League.
Each in-game League offers a range of unique cosmetics as a reward for completing challenges. As you might expect, these challenges are pretty hard to complete, but if you do, you’ll get all the cool-looking cosmetic effects and Hideout decorations. Remember that you have only one chance to get these cosmetics during the League!

The Lake of Kalandra League unique cosmetics are:

Victorious Armor Set:

1. Tier 1 - 10 Challenges;
2. Tier 2 - 18 Challenges;
3. Tier 3 - 26 Challenges;
4. Tier 4 - 38 Challenges.
5. The Ancestor Challenger Trophy:

6. 19-40 Challenges.
You can choose any number of challenges or just a single one.

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