Pokemon Go Overview & Features

Pokémon GO is a mobile free-to-play augmented-reality MMO that turns the real world into a place where Pokémon roam freely, ready to be caught by intrepid trainers. Explore the world around you and watch your trainer follow your steps on a GPS-enabled map, using the radar to search for the Pokémon closest to you or visit local landmarks called Pokéstops for item rewards. Catch the original 150 Pokémon to fill your Pokédex with the game's unique capturing mechanic, requiring players to properly time and throw Pokéballs at enemy Pokémon while they attack and dodge you. Boost and evolve your captured and hatched Pokémon to create increasingly stronger Pokémon to challenge gyms. Once players reach level 5, they can choose from one of three factions: Team Instinct, Mystic, and Valor, each with their own color and reason for battling Pokémon. After picking a team, players can challenge or defend Pokémon gyms to boost their faction's prestige and take down opposing factions. Pokémon battles occur when players challenge gyms, utilizing swiping and tapping to dodge and attack enemy monsters as opposed to the RPG-style combat of the main series of games.


Pokémon GO Key Features:

  • Pokémon in the Real World – leave your handheld game system behind, using your phone to track and capture Pokémon as if they were living creatures.
  • Three Player Factions – represent Team Instinct, Mystic, or Valor in local gyms to boost your prestige and increase your team's power.
  • Challenge and Defend Gyms – fight enemy players' Pokémon in gyms and defend your own team's gym by placing your Pokémon in it.
  • Hatch, Catch, and Evolve Pokémon – acquire Pokémon from capture or from eggs, then use candies to evolve them into their next evolution for stronger stats.
  • Visit Pokéstop Landmarks – set out in your town to search for Pokéstops that are featured on random landmarks and spin the circle to acquire new items.

News and Guides

How To Play Pokemon Go On The Apple Watch
How To Play Pokemon Go On The Apple Watch

Pokemon Go has finally launched for that Apple Watch, bringing the most important mobile hit of 2016 to your tiny screen that straps for your wrist. So now the question remains: How do you have fun playing the game on your own watch?


100 New Gen 2 Pokemon to be Added in Pokemon Go
100 New Gen 2 Pokemon to be Added in Pokemon Go

It is confirmed that Pokemon Go will be updated with Gen 2 Pokemon. 100 new Pokemon are now referenced in the game's code. One, from Pokedex #152 (Chikorita) to #251 (Celebi).


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