Rust Top Up


Rust Console Edition - 1100 Rust Coins

$ 2.99

Rust Console Edition - 2250 Rust Coins

$ 5.99

Rust Console Edition - 4600 Rust Coins

$ 10.49

Rust Console Edition - 7800 Rust Coins

$ 14.99
4.9out of 5
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About Rust Coins  
1. Rust Coins are a type of virtual currency in the Rust Console Edition game, which players need to purchase from the platform store using real money.  
2. Players can use Rust Coins to buy various custom skins in the in-game store, including those for equipment, weapons, buildings, and more.  
3. Rust Coins can only be redeemed and used on the platform where they were purchased; they are not supported for cross-platform use.

Where to Get Cheap Rust XBOX Coins  
The U4GM store sells Rust XBOX Coins at a 70% discount. 1100 Rust Coins only cost $2.99, which allows XBOX players to save a lot of money.

Why choose to buy Rust Coins at U4GM?  
Choosing U4GM is not just about the low prices. Our purchasing process is simple, and we ensure quick delivery given that the user information is correct. Additionally, our after-sales service is excellent.

Simple Rust Coins Purchasing Process  
1. Select the Rust Coins product you want and click purchase.  
2. Fill in the correct game account password as required. We need to log into your game account to add the Rust Coins you need. If you are skeptical about this, please consider carefully.  
3. Provide the correct contact email and phone number so that we can contact you in time. This is very important because verification is required to log into your account. If we cannot verify promptly, quick delivery cannot be guaranteed.  
4. Choose the payment method. We offer various payment methods, from credit card payments to Apple/Google Pay, including Bitcoin. These payments have different fees, so choose carefully.  
5. Click 'Pay Now' to confirm payment.

Safe and Worry-Free Shopping Guarantee  
U4GM highly values user shopping safety and has a comprehensive refund mechanism. If the user does not receive the product, they can cancel the order at any time. If only part of the product is received, the amount for the unreceived part will be refunded.

Important Notes  
1. These cheap Rust Coins are currently only available for XBOX players; Rust Coins for other platforms are not available at the moment.  
2. After purchasing, please keep your order number. Any issues regarding the order can be quickly resolved through our 24/7 customer service.  
3. U4GM provides a Discord Server where players can not only address issues encountered during purchases but also receive even better deals periodically. If you don't want to miss out, please join us. 
4. We need to log into your account for the operation. To avoid unnecessary disputes, if you have valuable items, please transfer them before the transaction and restore them after completion.  
5. We will notify you promptly after the transaction is completed. Please ensure that the contact information provided can reach you in time.  
6. After the transaction is completed, please promptly change your account password to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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