Skull and Bones Items

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Black Lotus Opium

$ 4.90

Gold Skull Rum

$ 4.90

Rode Maangodin Mysterious Chest (Required:Kingpin 1)

$ 3.99

Jaws of Retribution Mysterious Chest (Required:Kingpin 1)

$ 5.90

La Peste's Locker (Required:Kingpin 1)

$ 2.99

Maangodin Mysterious Chest (Required:Kingpin 1)

$ 1.99

Ouroboros (Required:Kingpin 1)

$ 11.99

Carronade (Required:Kingpin 1)

$ 16.99

Wailing Ward (Required:Kingpin 1)

$ 18.99

La Potence Schematics I (Required:Kingpin 1)

$ 2.99

Le Fleau (Required:Kingpin 1)

$ 16.99

Wrathful Ward (Required:Kingpin 1)

$ 11.99

Dardanelles Gun (Required:Kingpin 1)

$ 8.99

Scurlock's Long Nines (Required:Kingpin 1)

$ 3.99

Rahma's Legacy (Required:Kingpin 1)

$ 3.99

Twin-winch Ballista (Required:Kingpin 1)

$ 11.99

Blue Specter (Required:Kingpin 1)

$ 6.99

Black Prince (Required:Kingpin 1)

$ 11.99

Royal Custodian (Required:Kingpin 1)

$ 1.99

Gunner's Quadrant (Required:Kingpin 1)

$ 15.09
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Skull and Bones Game Items for Sale

Skull and Bones requires various items to improve your gaming experience quickly. Players can either farm the items themselves for hours or buy them on Choose any Skull and Bones item on any server – after checkout, it will be delivered to you within 15 minutes.

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We accept Credit Card(Visa, Mastercard), Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bitcoins, Sofort, Paysafe cards, Skrill, and Alipay.

How long does it take for you to deliver my items?

We aim to deliver orders within 15 minutes after you complete the payment. Usually, we deliver them immediately as soon as your Ubisoft ID to our Delivery Team. We are constantly improving our delivery services and expanding our Delivery Team to reduce the delivery time.

Can I get banned?

There is a small theoretical chance that you will be banned but in our practice this has never ever happened to any of our clients. We have a team of high level players who can craft all the best items, so the items you get are completely legit.

Are you legit?

Yes! We have been trading in-game items for years and we have built a reputation for building legit and fair in-game item selling websites with very professional customer service.

When will you add some new items?

If there are any items you want but can't find in our store, please message our live support. We value your feedback a lot and if we see that a certain item is requested often, we will add it for sure. Our team tracks your requests, and if an item is popular, we will work hard to locate it and add it to the shop.

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About Skull and Bones Game

Skull and Bones is a pirate adventure game that takes place during the Golden Age of Piracy in a world inspired by the beautiful yet dangerous Indian Ocean. You make your own pirate captain. You wander around ports in the third person, you customize, you loot, you sell, you trade, you hop in your ship, command your crew go on adventures, and engage in Naval combat. You are doing it either alone in a single player campaign or with a group of friends, which is where the probably a lot of the fun is gonna be had. If you've played anything like Sea of Thieves, you know Manning a ship with a bunch of other people can be a blast. This is a little bit of a different spin on things compared to Sea of Thieves.

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