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Star Citizen Overview & Features

Star Citizen is a unique, upcoming sandbox space combat simulator with FPS elements in a large persistent world. The game is currently being released in "modules," with the first two modeules (the Hangar Module and Arena Commander) already released. Star Citizen is Chris Roberts' first major project since his 1999 Wing Commander. Based on the game's setting and ambitions, it looks like it was at least somewhat inspired by Eve Online.

Star Citizen has raised over $76 million in crowdfunding, making it the most successful crowdfunded project ever (in terms of dollars raised).


Star Citizen Key Features:

  • FPS in Space – Star Citizen features a unique sandbox first person shooter gameplay on individual planets in a large persistent universe.
  • Customize Your Ships – load out your ships to match your playstyle, with multi-crew ships available.
  • Great Graphics – realistic physics with top-notch graphics.
  • Control the Economy – player-driven economy with in-depth crafting and resource gathering.
  • Play Solo or Duo – story-driven single player and co-op campaign available.

News and Guides

Star Citizen Latest Update And The Game Different Aspects
Star Citizen Latest Update And The Game Different Aspects

In essence, Star Citizen is part Elite: Dangerous, part EVE Online-style MMO, part sci-fi craft porn and part immersive first-person shooter. Meanwhile, Star Citizen is the most crowdfunded game in existence. Originally slated for a 2014 release, Star Citizen has been delayed countless times, sliding from 2014 to 2015, then to 2016, and now it no longer has an expected release date. Read more at here to get more latest guides and news, tips.


Star Citizen - Community Content Arrives This Week
Star Citizen - Community Content Arrives This Week

Star Citizen is a space-exploration and combat video game that develped by Cloud Imperium Games. One of the differences of Star Citizen is that most of its goods are doubly virtual - they can only be used inside the gameworld, and the game world doesn't actually exist yet.


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