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    Cheap TFD Character Leveling Boost Service

    Boosting any character from level 1 ~ 40 in the first descendant only costs $19.6, including the Ultimate descendant.

    What you'll get

    Fast Character Leveling up to 40 levels;
    Chance to get Gold, Weapon Unlocks, and other Currencies;
    Special Operations & Void Intercepts unlocked on your character;
    Chance to obtain high-tier Weapons and Mods.
    All other loot that might be dropped during the boost.
    You can reach a maximum of level 40 in The First Descendant, but this is a very time-consuming process. Leveling up in any game is usually a very boring activity, consisting almost entirely of grinding, and unfortunately, TFD is no exception.

    So, If you ever wanted to buy a TFD Leveling boost, then look no further, because U4GM is here to help you with leveling any of your characters. It doesn't matter what level your character is now and what level you want to reach - our pro players will take on any task. Just purchase our The First Descendant Leveling Boost and get a guaranteed level up as fast as possible. Simple as that.


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