Flame Elementium

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Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium On American Cube of Rapacity

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Flame Elementium

Flame Elementium is an advanced crafting material used to craft high-level prototype gear or for Targeted Processing and Reforging of gear. Here is the guide for farming more Flame Elementium in Torchlight Infinite:

1. Killing more monsters

It drops everywhere in Netherrealm. By killing more monsters, you will have more chances to get this currency item. One of the best places is Swirling Mines.
Meanwhile, Treasure Chest may have valuable items.

2. Jona Tax Voucher

In season 3, the Heartbeat Battle event rewards you with Jona Tax Voucher. Event Time: May 19, 08:00 - June 15, 23:59 (UTC+8). During the event, you can earn event points by completing quests. Event points can be exchanged for rewards on the event screen.
Event Rewards: Jona Tax Voucher - (10 - 60) x Flame Elementium.

3. Memory Card

  • Maud's Trick. Collect 4 to exchange for Flame Elementium x1 from the Spacetime Wanderer.
  • Lost Secrets. Collect 7 to exchange for Flame Elementium x9 from the Spacetime Wanderer.
  • Secret of the Glacial Abyss. Collect 3 to exchange for random Flame x5 from Spacetime Wanderer. Flame Elementium: 2.07143%.

4. Season Content

Every season has its exclusive mechanics to farm Flame Elementium. In season 3, players will encounter the Cube of Rapacity at every stage. Defeating the monsters influenced by the Cube, known as Malice Incarnations, will grant players Desire Crystals. By spending a specific amount of Desire Crystals, players can obtain various rewards from the cube. If fortunate enough, players can draw the Cube of Craving and receive even more valuable rewards. SSR Library has chances to get this currency item. With a touch of greed and luck, it's possible to double the rewards, but if luck isn't on your side, you might lose everything.

5. Sell Items

You can exchange your valuable items for Flame Elementium with other players.

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