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  • By Custorm
    • 1600K Trove Flux

    • Apr/17/2019

    • 5 Mins

  • By blake jimmerson
    • 800K Trove Flux

    • Mar/26/2019

    • 8 Mins

  • By Aaron
    • 1200K Trove Flux

    • Mar/13/2019

    • 10 Mins

  • By CHris James
    • 2000K Trove Flux

    • Mar/04/2019

    • 49 Mins

  • By Custorm
    • 2000K Trove Flux

    • Feb/20/2019

    • 46 Mins

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Trove Livestream - Darknik Dreadnought Preview (7/28)

Eclipse is the focus of this week's Trove livestream. In the livestream, you can preview the incredibly powerful new boss of Shadow Towers, Darknik Dreadnought in advance since these updates will be showed on August 22.

Trove: Revamped Reward System For Shadow Tower

The Trove Eclipse has not only brought invasion to Shadow Tower, but also upgraded a new reward system!

Trove: Earn Crystallized Sun Sparks In The Gathering Light Quest

As the launching of Sunfest, Trove offers daily login rewards with the Gathering Light quest for two weeks.

Trove: Shadow Invade With The Coming Of Eclipse

Trove has its own Eclipse now! It's said that there is a total solar eclipse bringing new invasions to the Shadow Tower.