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How To Buy & Trade

Trade through Auction House
1. The items above Green Quality is required for a safe transaction.
2. 5% Auction House Trading Fee cover by Our

Why Chose AH Trade?
1. Avoid connection with Classic WOW gold sellers.
2. Use Epic items make the transaction even safer
3. Safer to the Seller guild bank
4. Use different characters to buy gold.


How to use Auction House
1. Choose Auctions House to sell your item
2. Drag an item into the Auction House item BOX
3. Set the Duration to 24 hours
4. Set the Buyout Price
5. Click Creat Auction

Face to Face Trade
1. We will contact you in-game use you Character Name which you gave in order information.
2. Give us an item while trading, please.
3. When you got WOW Classic gold. Please don't give your Gold back to anyone with any reason.

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About WoW Classic Gold

Classic World of Warcraft Gold is the only solution for many things. For example, you need to buy Thousand gold Horse first or get better equipment from Auction House. These purchase requirements are still extensive because equipment is more challenging to obtain. Others are the need to repeatedly purchase a large number of consumables when participating in various PVE activities. In short, Gold is essential, no matter the game experience or the acquisition of essential items, can not do without Classic World of Warcraft Gold in PVP or PVE.
1. Purchase things like armor repairs
2. Crafting reagents
3. Ferry players to various locations
4. Exchange on WoW's auction house.

There are professions you can train in to make Gold in the game
1. Pick useful plants;
2. Make potions
3. Miner to mine ore
4. Blacksmith to craft armor
5. Jewel crafter
6. Enchanter

About World of Warcraft Classic

World of Warcraft is an MMORPG game produced by Blizzard Entertainment based on the historical background and story of its classic IP "Warcraft". After 15 years, WOW Classic returned, and Player flash Back to 2006, returning to the original appearance of Azerothian. Time is not tempting to be old! 

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    • 50G World of Warcraft Classic Gold

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    • 40G World of Warcraft Classic Gold

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  • By Jake
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  • By dan kim
    • 20G World of Warcraft Classic Gold

    • Oct/20/2019

    • 5 Mins

  • By jason
    • 15G World of Warcraft Classic Gold

    • Oct/19/2019

    • 56 Mins

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