How to Improve Fast at The Start of FIFA 23

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الوقت: 2023-02-13
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In this post, we are going over some general tips on how to master the transition from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23 and adapt & improve your gameplay as fast as possible.


Learning new features


Every new edition of the game brings new mechanics and features. Some of them have a bigger impact on the meta than others and it's important to filter those features and implement them into your game as soon as possible. Of course, it's not certain yet which changes will have the most impact on FIFA 23 but some promising candidates are the following:


Adaptive player switching

Partial team press

Power Shots

Technical Dribbling

New set pieces (especially free kicks)

Jog Open Up Fake Shot

Semi-Assisted through balls


To head into the game and put in the hours to learn everything. Test things out at first and then step by step work on understanding when each feature is useful and perfect the mechanics to gain an edge on your opponents.


Technical Dribbling

Technical Dribbling might be a game changer for getting past defenders in FIFA 23!


Adapt your game


Adapting your game is not only about the new features. Often there are balancing changes and certain things don't work as well as they did in the past. Driven passes are harder to control suddenly? Use them less. The driven shot finish far post doesn't score as consistently anymore? Try out near post or finesse shots.


The point is that you shouldn't get too frustrated about things changing and instead of getting stuck on trying the same things as last year over and over again, be open to other options and see them as opportunities. The sooner you figure out how the new game works and pick up on a "meta game" in a sense, the better you are going to perform early!


Adaptive Player Switching

Adaptive Player Switching could be a solution to be more consistent with right stick switching!


Don't worry about your initial results


This goes hand in hand with the previous tip. Of course nobody likes losing but getting too frustrated about it is not going to help you with learning and adapting. It's a totally normal thing to be thrown off if things are suddenly working in different ways. Especially as a player who just started to improve and is still developing, you might make a few steps backwards.


When I started I still remember how from FIFA 12 (my first year of really playing) to FIFA 13 everything changed and I felt totally lost. I couldn't find any consistency and got frustrated and due to that it took even longer to adapt because I was blaming the game instead of figuring out my own mistakes. Now years later things are different and transitioning to a new game is one of the most fun times during the season. With experience and your core skill improving, things are going to get easier.


So brush off those early losses, after a couple of days to weeks you are going to adapt and the results are going to come in. It's up to you how early that is!


Analyze your opponent


A good way to speed up your own learning curve is to analyze what your opponents are doing well. Especially when you get surprised by something you haven't seen before, it's very beneficial to take note:


Opponent destroyed with a Jog Open Up Fakeshot? Figure out when he used that move!

You conceded goals from angles you didn't expect? Analyze which finishing techniques seemed to work well for your opponent!

You weren't able to create anything in attack and your opponent pressured you really well? Check if that had something to do with the new partial team press feature!


There are opportunities everywhere to learn something, take them! Your opponent can be a great source of inspiration… if you manage to keep a cool head and analyze him instead of getting angry that he is outplaying you.



If someone breezes past your defender with a jog open up fakeshot like this, make sure to learn from it!


Analyze pro players


YouTube and especially Twitch are great resources for inspiration during the release phase of the game. Many professional players are streaming their Division Rivals climb and first Weekend Leagues there. So make sure to watch them closely and analyze how they are defending, attacking, using skill moves, passing in the build-up, etc. They are the ones shaping the meta most of the time, so taking a look over their shoulder is going to benefit you as well.


We will be assisting you to understand more FIFA 23 guides, so stay tuned. Also, you can buy FIFA 23 coins from to build your dream team!