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COD MWZ Craftable Aetherium Schematics Unlock

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All MWZ Aetherium Schematics

Here is a list of where to get each of the Aetherium Schematics

Crafting SchematicWhere to GetCooldown
Raw Aetherium CrystalTier 2 Contract8 hours
Refined Aetherium CrystalTier 3 Contract16 hours
Epic Aether ToolTier 3 Contract10 hours
Uncommon Aether ToolAct 1 Mission2 hours
Rare Aether ToolAct 2 Mission8 hours
Legendary Aether ToolRed Worm Storm Boss24 Hours
Flawless Aetherium CrystalRed Worm Storm Boss72 Hours

Tips: Click here to view the location of exactly where to find all of the schematics available in MWZ.

Our MWZ Aetherium Schematics boosting service is the fastest way to unlock craftable items in CoD MW3 Zombies mode.

Our professional boosters are eager to unlock some schematics (Raw Aetherium Crystal, Refined Aetherium Crystal, Flawless Aetherium Crystal, Epic Aether Tool, Legendary Aether Tool) for you in the quickest & most efficient way.

What you will get

- The selected Aetherium Schematics unlocked on your MWZ account.

- Progress through Zombie camos like Golden Enigma camo, Zircon Scale camo, Serpentinite camo & Borealis camo.

- A free: battle pass boost & military rank boost.

- You may get a Free weapon level boost during the Schematics unlock service

Note: Bring one weapon and pls follow host's car and get schematics. And then you can back to level 1 area and leaving the zombie area with schematics.

Service Requirements

You must own a Modern Warfare 3 account to be suitable for this service.

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