Where to Find All Schematics in MW3 Zombies [Season 2 Update]

Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Time: 2023-12-04
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MWZ Schematics

This guide shows the location of exactly where to find all of the schematics available in MWZ. Every schematic can only be found in a specific tier as a contract reward or from completing missions.

These plans are pretty evenly distributed between Tier 1 reward portals, Tier 2 reward portals, Tier 3 reward portals, Act mission rewards, and others. For instance, you can find the Quick Revive schematic in Act 1 Mission. Here is a list of where to get each of the schematics:


Aetherium SchematicsWhere to Get
Uncommon Aether ToolAct 1 Mission
Rare Aether ToolAct 2 Mission
Raw Aetherium CrystalTier 2 Contract
Epic Aether ToolTier 3 Contract
Legendary Aether ToolRed Worm Storm Boss
Refined Aetherium CrystalTier 3 Contract
Flawless Aetherium CrystalRed Worm Storm Boss


Ammo Mods SchematicsWhere to Get
Brain RotTier 1 Contract
Cyro FreezeAct 2 Mission
Dead WireTier 2 Contract
Napalm BurstTier 1 Contract
Shatter BlastTier 2 Contract


Classified SchematicsWhere to Get
Dog BoneElder Sigil F5-F6 Portal (1st Contract)
Golden Armor PlateElder Sigil F5-F6 Portal (2nd Contract)
Aether BladeElder Sigil F5-F6 Portal (3rd Contract)


Perk-a-Colas SchematicsWhere to Get
Deadshot DaiquiriTier 1 Contract
Death PerceptionAct 3 Mission
Elemental PopTier 3 Contract
Jugger-NogTier 2 Contract
PHD FlopperTier 2 Contract
Quick ReviveAct 1 Mission
Speed ColaTier 1 Contract
Stamin-UpTier 1 Contract
Tombstone SodaTier 3 Contract


Wonder Weapons SchematicsWhere to Get
Ray GunTier 3 Contract
Wunderwaffe DG-2Act 3 Mission
The ScorcherRed Worm Storm Boss


Season 2 SchematicsWhere to Get
Mags of HoldingElder Sigil G4 Portal
Blood Burner KeyElder Sigil G4 Portal
V-R11 PlansElder Sigil G4 Portal

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