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Diablo 4 Currency

Diablo 4's trading system, generally speaking, is a trading system that uses gold coins as the main currency, equipment and legendary powers as the main carrier, and mixed with various consumables and service content. The common trading currencies may evolve over time, but at first glance, the only currency that can be traded is Gold. Gold not only can be used to respect your character, but also can repair your gear, upgrade items at the Blacksmith and to create new items using the Occultist. There are other Diablo 4 currencies besides gold:

Obols; This Currency is obtained by completing Outside Events. You can gamble for gear at the Purveyor of Curiosities. This is a great source of Legendary Powers!
Red Dust; Used to purchase items from PvP Vendors in Dry Steppes and Kehjistan. Earned from Altars of Extraction by purifying Seeds of Hatred, which are obtainable in PvP zones.

Diablo IV Gold is used for almost everything in Diablo 4. Guys, collect as much as possible!

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About Diablo IV

Diablo IV offers so much more for players to do than ever before. The game was built with player choice in mind, allowing you to play the way you wanna play - whether that's diving into the massive story, exploring dungeons, or just roaming the open world, slaying any demon that comes your way.

With five different classes to choose from, including many old favorites. There are endless ways to build and customize your character, whether you love theory crafting with skills in Paragon Boards or designing the perfect look with all of the character customization options.

Diablo IV is put into the biggest story, and you can play it in any order. The story has you travel across Sanctuary and delve even deeper into its characters, especially its two creators. Once players reach the endgame, they'll be able to dive into nightmare dungeons, brave hell tides, and dominate foes in PvP.

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