NBA 2K23 Wishlist

juego: NBA 2K23
tiempo: 2023-02-13
vistas: 735

What's the wish list for NBA 2K23 players? Here are some wish lists we looked at on the internet, which are the most comprehensive and valuable feedback.


1. Double teams should force you to be locked onto the ballhandler: If you double team, you should be locked onto one of the defenders DOUBLE TEAMING the ballhandler. This way, you risk being picked apart by a good passer vs. trapping the ballhandler and getting the ball out of his hands. Double teams need to be balanced out.

2. Icon Bounce Passes: Adding the ability to throw bounce passes to specific icons would open up the passing game a lot IMO.

3. Shooting Should be Harder: In 2K, this is backward because shooting is so easy. This should never be the case. 

4. Full Control Over Help Defenders: Add an icon button that allows us to send a specific help defender to come over while playing on-ball defense.

5. Have shot timing be the same across all game modes. I feel like shot timing should be the same as in rec, park, etc.

6. Have green widow tie in with the player's shooting rating. Every jump shot should have the same green window. It should go by a player's 3pt & mid-range rating. It'll create more diversity in the game.

7. Add counter contact block animations. 2K can add block animations that'll stop dunks in their tracks mid-air, like how snatch blocks were on 19 in the takeover.

8. Spam dribbling speed-boosting. I honestly feel 2k needs to take spam dribbling out of the game.

9. Eliminate spam stealers. Many players constantly spam all day and resist the many functions. They spam and put the benefit in the winning. It is unacceptable, and we should do something about it for fair play.

10. Give us the ability to change builds in rec & 5v5 pro-am.

11. Badges should enhance our players, not make us.

12. Lower the effect of badge power. Seeing Giannis fly & cover the entire court like he's Ed Reed it's laughable.

13. Bring back 4v4 and 21 in the park. This feature must be included in the game. It will add fun and excitement for the gamers.

14. Bring back defensive 3 seconds in the park. Developers must bring back the 3-second defense in the game so that the absolute joy comes.

15. Let's allow us to pass & shoot on time vs. zones! The button input is massively delayed or won't register against zones online.

16. Balance out the Offence and Defense in-game.

17. DHO's need to be improved to turn into screens and even fake handoffs when the hedge overplays. Switch, over the top, under, etc., need to work on DHO's.

18. Help defense similar to how this game shipped.

19. Turnovers that aren't stolen.

20. Make the foul sliders work.

21. PNR defense is horrible. Fix the hedging/help/tagging rollers. We also need to be able to split high hedges with a clean animation.


1. Add Full Stat Tracking Across Seasons: I'm talking about stats for our cards (PPG, FG%, 3PT%) AND full team stats in the different modes. Like advanced stats, not just the basic PPG, RPG, or APG.

2. Weekend League: Limited is fun, but we need an authentic weekend league-type atmosphere. 

3. Ability to Trade Cards With Others: This feature should be in.

4. Add playoff atmosphere in the later tiers of Unlimited: When you get to the Diamond/PD/Opal tier, the courts/arenas should have a playoff atmosphere to simulate the feeling that you are close to the championship (grand prize).

5. 250k Tourney Qualifier System: This has to change. Make it based on winning vs. quality opponents instead of beating up many avg players.

6. Update the offline rosters with the coaches/players 2K has in MyTeam.

Realistic Graphics

1. Realistic Graphics and Movements (please enough with the stiff player movements).

2. Personal commentators for each team + playoffs or finals, for example, Reggie Miller or collab with EA Sports to get Mike Breen, Mark Jackson, and Jeff Van Gundy.

3. Make the commentators feel more alive commentating for each play like what WWE 2K22 did.

4. 2K14 style lighting and skin textures.

5. Make the playcalling screen more intuitive and easier to navigate.

6. I Would love to have the TNT presentation package in the game, which would add to the realism.

7. Better, more realistic attire for coaches and players during pregame tunnels.

Body Models and Animations

1. Improved player models. Body types for almost every player are wrong, primarily classic players.

2. Arm's length looks weird for many players with more pull-ups and hops jumpers animations. Also, they look very stiff and unnatural.

3. New Create A Player system: The ability to create faces & tattoos via image upload (ala WWE 2k). New hairstyles w/ hair physics. New body types. The ability to adjust torsos and legs. Access to goggles, face masks, and mouthpieces.

4. More rebound animations, especially more two hands rebounds for bigs.

5. Fix hook shoots animations; most look extremely weird and unnatural.

6. Fix help D and PNR for CPU.

7. Fix AI for CPU by total; the choices made by individual players controlled by CPU are terrible!!!

8. Fix fast break.

9. Fix Subs logic for CPU; players with 2 fouls in the first quarter should be out of the game (never happens).

10. Give us more options for coach settings in the roster edit menu like freelances to run and which players the CPU should look for, like 2k17.

More Classic Teams

1. New Classic teams: 2009 Magic, 2010 Lakers, 2010 Cavs, 2010 Suns, 2013 Lakers, 2014 Nets, 2018 Rockets, 2018 Celtics, 2018 Thunder, 2019 Sixers, 2020 Lakers, 2021 Nets.

2. Revamped classic players: work should be done to at least the top 3-4 guys on each classic team. MJ, Shaq, and Marbury are in DESPERATE need…There should also be a younger model of Steph for the '16 Dubs & a younger model of KD for the '12 Thunder.

More Shoe Updates

1. Missing shoes are updated more frequently.

2. Shoe colorways updating to new team colors when using a created team.


1. Many publishers have committed to adding cross-play to their games. An excellent solution for 2K is to increase the ability of users to play together from different platforms.

2. Ability to go back to any season in the past 10 years or so and start from that offseason or season. This would include correct rosters for the season selected and correct draft picks.

3. Make MyCareer story longer.

4. Stop patching the game to hell.

5. We need screeners to slip off switches and look for backdoors more.

6. Up the pace of teams and have them get into their sets quicker.

7. Halftime and postgame voiceovers for legends.

8. Retro filters.

9. Separate the All-time Thunder from the All-Time Sonics. Give the Sonics their All-time team.

10. Revamped court and arena creation: The ability to add images to sidelines.

11. Create a team use outside of MyLeague: maybe 10-15 slots for created teams (with full arena, court, and jersey customization) that we can use in Play Now.

12. Multiple scoreboards and presentations.

13. Have different years in Myleauge, so say you want to start the season in 2016, you should have an option.

14. Have a way to make NBA 2K23 MT and VC easier.

15. Have 1 MyPark Server, so if people have the Ps5 and someone else has the Ps4, they should be able to play thought.

16. Have certain players test & spot what's broken before releasing the game. I strongly feel like they should have players like Joe knows to come to test the dribbling or find what glitches are in the game.

We aim to send it to contacts at Visual Concepts ASAP, so if you have any ideas for the next NBA 2K release, please let us know in the comments! Also, stay tuned to U4GM for more NBA 2K23 news and guides.