How Do You Get MT Fast in NBA 2K21?

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heure: 2023-02-13
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NBA 2K21 MyTeam coins play a key role in the game. Whether you're saving up for a card and looking to buy packs in MyTEAM, you're going to need to use NBA 2k21 mt coins. There are lots of ways for players to farm NBA 2K21 MT in the game, we've compiled the best examples here:


How Do You Get MT Fast in NBA 2K21?

Auction House

You can earn NBA 2K21 MT Coins by selling your unwanted player or extra cards in Auction House, or buying valuable players when they are cheaper than normal prices than sell them at a higher price.

Challenge Rewards

One of the most effective ways to farm VC and MT is to take on challenges. Complete various daily, weekly, monthly and fixed tasks in the game to obtain NBA 2K21 VC and MT.


Playing Domination modes to earn game experience, 2K21 MT coins, and other rewards. Choose higher difficulty if you can do it. You get a ton of MT for winning Domination games (up to 2000 per game at times) and the games are usually pretty fun for offline play.

Triple Threat Offline

One way to quickly amass MT is to play the game mode Triple Threat Offline. It's a lot easier to win matches against a computer than against other players and it's an efficient way of grinding up some MT. Granted it's not the most efficient use of your time as you'll see in later entries, but if you've done everything else you're supposed to and want to burn some time earning a bit of MT on the side, then Triple Threat Offline is the way to do it.

Triple Threat Online

Most boards have MT on them, and you can also earn a lot per game from just playing. I've earned over 10000 MT/hour playing TTO. Winning helps you maximize your earnings.

Locker Code

You can redeem a Locker Code for player, pack, or MT in NBA 2K21 MyTeam. You can get these codes on 2K's Twitter. Follow them and obtain more chances to get free codes for MyTEAM Points.

Win More Games

MT will stack up based on how you perform in games too. So as you and your team get better stats and bigger wins, you'll see the MT added after games.

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