Assault Rifle capable of double fire in the new MWZ season

gioco: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
tempo: 2024-04-18
visualizzazioni: 183

The Holger 556 stands out in the MWZ New Season as a high-performance assault rifle with unique modifications that can significantly enhance its effectiveness against zombies. Known for its adaptability and powerful upgrades, the Holger 556 can be a game-changer in your arsenal, especially when equipped with its distinctive dual-shot firing.

Key Features of the Holger 556
1. Double Barrel Attachment: JAK Backsaw Kit
This unique modification allows the Holger 556 to fire two bullets simultaneously, effectively doubling the damage output per trigger pull. This feature makes it particularly devastating in close to mid-range combat scenarios against dense zombie hordes.

2. High Ammo Capacity:
The Holger 556's ammunition capacity can reach 300 rounds after using the JAK Backsaw Kit, with 600 in reserve. This is relatively rare in ARs. It is designed for prolonged engagements, allowing you to maintain fire without frequent reloads.

3. Balanced Recoil and Accuracy:
The rifle offers a manageable recoil pattern and high accuracy, making it suitable for consistently hitting targets at various ranges. It makes it easier for players to aim in fierce battles and carry out fatal attacks on targets.

4. Moderate Fire Rate:
Due to the dual-shooting modification, the rate of fire must be optimized. An excessive rate of fire will quickly consume ammunition inventory in a short period. The fire rate of the Holger 556 is optimized to balance firepower and control, providing a steady, reliable stream of bullets that is effective yet manageable.

Optimal Build for the Holger 556

It is a precision sight optic that provides benefits to hip-fire and tac-stance spread, as well as quick ADS time.

2. Ammunition - 5.56 NATO HIGH GRAIN ROUNDS
The 5.56 NATO High Grain Rounds is an ammunition attachment that can be equipped on various assault rifles and light machine guns in MW3. It provides a 15% boost to bullet velocity, damage range, and damage, but with a slight decrease to overall recoil control, primarily leading to more vertical recoil. This ammunition attachment is considered a solid choice as the "cherry on top" for Holger 556 and MCW assault rifle builds, providing a noticeable damage and range boost.

The RB Addle Assault Stock is considered a solid choice for the Holger 556 build, helping to improve the weapon's accuracy and stability. It provides more recoil and gun kick control for the Holger 556 assault rifle, at the cost of a small decrease in mobility.

4. Rear Grip - MORN-20 GRIP
It can enhance the weapon's recoil control and stability

5. Conversion Kit - JAK BACKSAW KIT
It is a powerful Aftermarket Part attachment for the Holger 556 that transforms it into a high-capacity, dual-shot firing SMG-like weapon, but at the cost of some stability. It can be unlocked by completing a series of weekly challenges.

Due to the use of High Grain Rounds, other parts don't need too much optimization, you can't put anything else on this weapon because everything else will block the High Grain Rounds.

Tactical Uses
1. The Holger 556 excels in situations where crowd control is necessary. Its high firepower, especially with the double barrel attachment, makes it ideal for clearing large groups of zombies quickly.

2. This rifle is excellent for holding down choke points or defending objectives due to its sustained fire capability and large magazine size.

3. The Holger 556's balanced features make it a versatile choice for various combat situations, from tight indoor environments to more open spaces where range and accuracy are needed.

Tips for Maximizing Effectiveness
1. Upgrading the Holger 556 with the Aether Tool whenever possible will significantly increase its damage, magazine capacity, and rate of fire, making it a powerful weapon against the toughest zombies and bosses. If you lack these upgrade tools, you can visit the Aetherium Schematics Unlock.

2. Given its large magazine size, it's crucial to manage reloads wisely. Try to find safe moments to reload before your magazine runs completely dry, as the double barrel firing mechanism can consume ammo quickly.

3. Stay at a medium range where the Holger 556’s capabilities are most effective. Avoid too-close encounters where faster-firing weapons might outperform it and too-distant ones where sniper rifles would be preferable.

The Holger 556 is a powerhouse in MWZ, offering a unique blend of firepower, versatility, and tactical efficiency. Its standout feature, the double barrel attachment, sets it apart from other assault rifles, providing a critical advantage in zombie encounters.