The gun with the best-sustained firepower in MWZ S3

gioco: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
tempo: 2024-04-17
visualizzazioni: 133

For players who need to fight continuously for a long time, TAQ EVOLVERE is the best choice. This LMG is designed to allow players to keep firing at the undead for extended periods without frequent reloads, making it ideal for handling larger waves of enemies or providing suppressive fire while teammates focus on objectives or reload.

Key Features of the TAQ EVOLVERE 
1. The TAQ EVOLVERE boasts a magazine size of 200 rounds and a massive 1,500 rounds in reserve. This allows players to lay down a continuous stream of bullets, keeping zombies at bay.

2. If players unlock the S2 schematic - Mags of Holding, they can upgrade the TAQ EVOLVERE into a mobile firepower base. This allows you to fire up to 1,500 rounds continuously without reloading, providing unparalleled staying power in long engagements and greatly improving your chances of surviving against zombie hordes.


3. Despite its high firing rate and large magazine, the TAQ Evolver is engineered to maintain low recoil. This stability helps in keeping shots accurate, critical for targeting the heads of zombies to maximize damage and conserve ammunition.

4. The weapon has a good fire rate, balancing between fast shooting to clear groups of zombies and paced enough to maintain control over where each round hits. This makes it versatile for various scenarios, whether you're facing a single powerful enemy or a horde of weaker ones.

The TAQ EVOLVERE Accessories 

1. Muzzle - SAKIN TREAD-40 
It is a highly effective muzzle attachment, It Ejects muzzle gas to the sides instead of up in front of the optic, providing excellent recoil control and stability.

2. UnderBarrel - KIMURA RYN-03 VERT 
It helps to reduce vertical recoil and improve overall weapon stability, making it easier to control the weapon's recoil and maintain accuracy, especially at longer ranges.

It is a highly effective laser attachment, that enhances ADS speed, sprint-to-fire speed, and hip-fire accuracy.

4. Stock - ASSAULT-60 
It is a highly effective stock attachment, that enhances ADS speed, aiming stability, and firing accuracy.

5. Rear Grip - XRK RESPONSE 
It is a highly effective rear grip attachment, that enhances weapon stability, recoil control, and aiming idle sway.

Tactical Advantages 
Sustained Fire: The TAQ Evolver's extended magazines make it an excellent choice for defending positions or covering fire during retreats or strategic moves by the team. 
Area Denial: With the ability to fire continuously, this LMG can be used to deny large areas to incoming zombie waves, preventing them from overwhelming the player and their teammates.

Optimal Use Scenarios 
- Boss Fights: When facing bosses with high health pools, it allows for continuous damage output, focusing on critical hit points to bring them down efficiently. 
- High-Level Zones: In advanced zones of the game where the density and toughness of zombies increase, the high capacity and sustained fire become invaluable assets.

The TAQ Evolver is a powerhouse in MWZ, ideal for players who prefer the role of a heavy gunner capable of holding down positions and mowing down waves of enemies. Its unique blend of high capacity, powerful sustained fire, and relatively easy handling makes it a top choice for those looking to keep the undead at a distance. Whether you're strategically positioning yourself in a level or moving through high-intensity zones, It provides the reliability and firepower needed to survive and thrive.