MLB The Show 24 Stubs

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$ 2.495 (1000K=1Million)

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MLB The Show 24 Stubs

MLB The Show 24 Stubs can only be spent within the Diamond Dynasty mode since this is a game mode-specific currency. Stubs can be earned by winning the Mini Seasons Championship, Flipping cards on the market, Playing Showdown, Completing Programs, and collecting & exchanging cards throughout the Diamond Dynasty mode. Stubs can be used on things like (just to name a few items): player cards, bats, gloves, stadiums, uniforms, and more.

You are also able to spend real money on Stubs; if you are looking to score these in-game currencies at a faster rate. You can buy cheap MLB The Show 24 Stubs for PS 4/5, Xbox 1/S & Switch on

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