Diablo 4: The Adventure After Completing the Main Quest

Game: Diablo IV
Time: 2023-06-16
Views: 337

Firstly, players need to level up to 50, which is a prerequisite for challenging the Cathedral of Light dungeon. Once they reach level 50, players can enter the third stage and participate in more end-game activities, such as the Tree of Whispers quests, Hell Tides, and nine major dungeons. These activities can earn points, which can then be exchanged for various items at the Tree of Whispers, such as weapons or chess pieces.

Pay attention to the importance of completing the Nightmare Dungeons, as this can earn you a Nightmare Sigil, allowing you to enter special dungeons with extra challenges and rewards. In the game, killing monsters can increase the chance of obtaining legendary items. Completing dungeons can also allow players to allocate experience points to their Paragon glyphs, which can be slotted with different effects. As players progress, the enemies in the game will become more difficult, so leveling up and farming legendaries, especially sacred legendaries, which are better versions of existing items, is very important.

Hell Tides are random events that occur in specific areas, during which there will be stronger enemies and meteors. Players should level up and replace their current legendaries with sacred versions. During Hell Tides, you can find rare crafting materials, which are important for maintaining equipment. Killing enemies during Hell Tides can also earn a resource that allows players to open chests that have a high probability of containing a sacred legendary drop. However, players should be careful, as there are powerful bosses in Hell Tides that can easily kill them, and dying in Hell Tides results in losing half of the accumulated resources.

It is recommended that players use resources wisely to ensure they obtain the items and legendary drops they need. It also suggests participating in world bosses with other players for a chance to get a legendary chest every week. Completing side quests and discovering all dungeons is also part of the game progress.

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