Top 5 Diablo 4 Tools for Players

Game: Diablo IV
Time: 2023-06-25
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Diablo 4 can be a bit of a daunting game for some players, but there are tools to help you out as you progress through Sanctuary. Here are 5 tools that are a life savior for Diablo 4.


Once you enter end-game you come across a new world event referred to as a helltide. These events see the grounds on the map turn red and the enemies you fight are harder and reward you with aberrant cinder that can be used to open chests for higher teir loot. You can also find Mystery chests in the region. While running around one will pop up on your map. tell you when and where a helltides will appear they also showcase where on the map the chests potentially have spawned. So it s a great tool to help you identify where the helltide is and where the chests are, more specifically the mystery chests which are a massive bank of items you want to get during a helltide. Just make sure you don t die and lose your shards.


This is more of an account rather than a tool, but @Game8_d4boss on twitter have a great rundown of when and where World Bosses will appear on the map and countdown of when to expect them. is working on a world boss tool as well, but for now this twitter account gives you all the necessary details of when, where and who will appear. is a great resource site if you specifically want to plan out a build for your character class and save it to share with others. It can cover the skill tree, paragon boards and even outline the aspects on items for your class. It s a great tool if you wanted to share exactly how you've built your class.


Most of you have already head of a fantastic website that covers multiple builds and a vast array of knowledge database to make yourself familiar with the game. If you're uncertain on how you want to build your character, they have a wide range of builds you can choose from and just like they too also have a character class planner if you wanted to plan your class and skill tree ahead of time, or as you play along. I do prefer their tool a bit more as it's more streamlined and tells you everything right there in one page. So if you have a Maxroll account, this is a tool I highly recommend.

Map Genie

The final tool is one of the most used out of the lot, and that s the Interactive map from This map will tell you a vast amount of detail, from where the altars of Lilith are, to emote shrines, blacksmiths, bosses and unique elites. All of these can be filtered out as you prefer. This can also cover helltides. But otherwise this is a tool I highly recommend for people to use if you need help finding specific Diablo 4 items or altars cause I don t have the time to find them myself.