Why join us on discord?

Game: Diablo IV
Time: 2023-05-19
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Hello everyone, this is U4GM. Join our discord for Free d2r Items and more game activity on our discord. You will get D2R free Unidentified Annihilus after check with us on discord channel

Annihilus [Unidentified]

The steps to get FREE unidentified annihilus

1. Join our discord

Discord Link: https://discord.com/invite/diablorsvsr

2. Open ticket and send message: FREE U4GM D2R GIFT

3. Our supporter will start to help you get your items after messaged

U4GM#1734, NO.1#4851 are our Supporter discord.

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Why join our discord?

1. You can get 6% off coupon. Of course, after you join discord. There will be a discord sign system. Sign for 7 days, you will get another special 6% off coupon.

2. We have Discord Honor Members system.

3. Honor Members own 4 special privilege depends on your serves levels.

You have priority right to get your order items in express.
Any game related question will be answered in 30 min.
Privilege to get rare game items first.
U4GM will help you find your desired items first.

4. Game build topic, news, funny videos will be post every day. Enjoy your happy time with our discord.

5. $ 500-1000 giveaway activity when Diablo IV Coming.

6. Trade with items by game golds.

7. When game open, we will invite famous YouTuber provider newest build guide.

8. By the way, you will meet many global people who has same interests can play together. You can make friends from all over the world.


If you have any question, please contact our administrator for help. Also they will give other games items discount you might interested in!