5 Craziest Builds Coming For Diablo IV Season 4

Game: Diablo IV
Time: 2024-04-16
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Diablo 4 Builds

In the upcoming Season 4 of Diablo 4, players are eagerly anticipating the emergence of top-tier builds for each class. Here, we'll explore five crazy builds from the Diablo 4 Season 4 test server, one build per class, that are expected to dominate the meta. While some of these builds may face nerfs, they are still poised to be formidable contenders.

1. Barbarian: Whirlwind Twister Build

   Whirlwind has been a beloved skill since Diablo II, and its viability in D4 has fluctuated over seasons. In Season 4, the Whirlwind Twister build reigns supreme, leveraging Whirlwind to spawn a plethora of Twisters. 
   Key aspects include tempering affixes to increase the chance of Dust Devils casting twice and enhancing their size. Synergies with other skills like Devilish Aspect, Dust Devils Aspect, and Fierce Winds maximize Dust Devil spam. 
   To bolster defenses, Juggernauts, Numbing Wrath, and Bulos are essential, along with Leap for additional damage reduction.

2. Sorcerer: Frozen Orb Build

   Centered around the Fractured Winter Glass, the Frozen Orb build showcases immense damage potential with the chance to spawn conjurations upon explosion. 
   Lucky hit effects synergize with Frozen Orb's vulnerability application, while defensive skills like Flame Shield, Ice Armor, and Mana Shield ensure survivability. 
   Lucky hit mechanics and Avalanche further enhance damage output, making this build both powerful and versatile.

3. Necromancer: Blight Build

   The Blight build capitalizes on the Ebon Piercer amulet's ability to spawn conjurations, resulting in devastating damage over time. 
   A bug involving Lucky Hit mechanics significantly boosts damage output, though it is expected to be patched. Nevertheless, the build remains potent, offering high damage potential. 
   Other skills like Flame Shield, Ice Armor, and Mana Shield provide additional survivability in combat.

4. Rogue: Rapid Fire Build

   The Rapid Fire build utilizes the Scoundrel's Kiss ring to enhance exploding arrows' damage, creating a barrage of projectiles. 
   Tempering affixes increase the chance of Rapid Fire projectiles casting twice, amplifying damage output. 
   Emphasizing close-range combat, the build combines puncture, agile, and dark shroud for increased damage reduction and survivability.

5. Druid: Werewolf Tornado Build

   Rather than exploiting bugs with Boulder and Hurricane, the Werewolf Tornado build offers a more sustainable approach, focusing on companion synergy and tornado spam. 
   Key Diablo 4 items like Shephard Aspect and Stampede Aspect boost damage based on the number of companions, while Spirit per second affixes ensure continuous tornado casting. 
   Defensive skills like Juggernauts, undying will, and vigilance provide ample survivability, making this build both durable and formidable.

While these builds may undergo adjustments due to balancing changes, they represent the cutting edge of Season 4's meta in Diablo 4. As players gear up for the new season, these builds offer exciting possibilities for conquering challenges and achieving greatness in Sanctuary.