Diablo IV Season 4: Loot Reborn Explained

Game: Diablo IV
Time: 2024-05-02
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Diablo IV Season 4 Loot Reborn

The new Season 4 of Diablo IV will start on May 14, at 10 am PT.  And a new “itemization” feature is the main attraction of the Season, allowing you to add affixes that you like and to fine-tune your gear to your liking. Also, there is a new Boss, a special Dungeon, and improvements to Helltides. Many of the changes coming have been promised to be made available in the Eternal Realm, not just the Seasonal Realm, as they will provide a new experience for all players in the game Among them. Without further ado, let’s see all the new features.

   Itemization Updates: How players engage with Diablo 4 items has been fundamentally changed to improve the existing itemization system. Base affixes have been reduced and are going to be simpler going forward. The goal is to make items easier for players to parse through and determine if they are useful, and the item can then be upgraded and customized to fit a specific build. 
   Tempering: A new system that allows players to customize gear that they find. To access Tempering, head to the blacksmith and choose a recipe to temper from. A random affix from that recipe will then be attached to the gear. Players will be able to find recipes from almost all of the content throughout Sanctuary. 
   Codex of Power: The Codex has received a big change based on feedback. Going forward every single legendary will be added to the Codex of Power to allow players to continually imprint the best version of that legendary onto your gear. No longer will players need to carry around aspect crystals in their inventory. 
   Greater Affixes: A new and rare type of affix will be available in the form of Greater Affixes and can be found on Ancestral drops in World Tier 4. These Greater Affixes roll bigger values than what is normally available for that affix. 
   Masterworking: Once a player has an item with all the affixes they want in it, they can go through the process to upgrade those affixes to even higher values. Once a player feels their build is complete and they have the best items, they can test themselves in the Pit. 
   The Pit: Players who have maximized their build can challenge this new end game system and unlock rare crafting materials to further masterwork their gear. 
   Helltides: Helltides are ramping up this season with a variety of new activities. Players will now encounter more cultists conjuring demons and doomsayers created from unfortunate people caught in the tide. Those that manage to survive long enough in the updated Helltides will face off against the Hellborn, former heroes of Sanctuary who have aligned with the demons of Hell. Take down these Hellborn to earn materials that will allow you to engage with Accursed Rituals. 
   Accursed Rituals: These are botched rituals from cultists that players can activate to draw in demons and monsters for an all-out battle. Survive the onslaught of demons and you will be paid a visit by the Blood Maiden, a brand new Helltide mini boss and the ultimate challenge in this new experience. 
   Iron Wolves: The Iron Wolves have taken up the fight against Hell and they seek the head of the Blood Maiden. Join up with them and progress through the Call of the Wolves Seasonal activities to earn honor. This honor will unlock access to rewards that empower your Seasonal Journey.

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