Elden Ring: Top Hybrid Physical and Magical Builds

Game: Elden Ring
Time: 2024-04-29
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In the world of the Elden Ring, creating a lively and chaotic character build can bring unexpected fun to your gameplay. This build primarily uses the exaggerated Rusted Anchor to cause chaos and focuses on using magic bubbles for crowd control and magical attacks, giving players a unique gameplay style.

Weapons and Equipment

Main Weapon: Cold-Rusted Anchor + 25
In this imaginative build, it's treated as a heavy weapon resembling a ship's anchor, ideal for wide, sweeping attacks that can control space and deal significant damage. When infused with Cold, the Rusted Anchor gains frostbite capabilities. once triggered, deals a burst of damage and significantly reduces their stamina recovery rate.

Strategic Use:
- The Cold Rusted Anchor is used primarily for its physical damage but the frostbite effect adds a strategic layer, allowing players to slow down aggressive enemies and manage crowds more effectively. The frostbite status complements the crowd control spells in the build, making it easier to manage enemies at both close and medium ranges.
- As a heavy weapon, the Rusted Anchor is effective in breaking enemy guards and poise, creating openings for follow-up attacks or spell casts.

Staff: Academy Glintstone Staff + 25
This staff is optimal for casting spells and is highly effective at Intelligence level 50. This staff benefits from having a high sorcery scaling, which means it enhances the damage output of all Glintstone sorceries.

Key Features
Sorcery Power Boost: It offers one of the better sorcery scalings available among staff, increasing the effectiveness of all equipped spells.
Optimal for Mid to High-Level Play: As players progress and their Intelligence stat increases, the Academy Glintstone Staff continues to grow in effectiveness, making it a reliable choice throughout the game.

Strategic Use

Magic Integration:
- In this build, the Academy Glintstone Staff is used to cast a variety of magical spells that control the battlefield and deal damage from a distance. This includes spells like the Large Magic Bubble, Small Magic Bubbles, Glintstone Ice CAG, Stars of Ruin, and Magic Hammer Slammer.
- The staff’s potent scaling with Intelligence ensures that these spells not only hit harder but also become more efficient in terms of FP cost relative to the damage they deal.

Combat Strategy:
- Opening Moves: Utilize the Large Magic Bubble to disrupt enemy groups from afar. The staff enhances the effectiveness of this spell, ensuring it has maximum impact when it hits.
- Crowd Control: Follow up with Small Magic Bubbles and Glintstone Ice CAG to manage enemy groups, leveraging the staff’s power boost to keep enemies at bay and under control.
- Finishers: Use Stars of Ruin for homing capabilities on moving targets and Magic Hammer Slammer for devastating area damage when enemies get too close.

Build Synergy:
- The staff’s effectiveness is maximized by pairing it with the Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear and Opaline Hardtear in the Flask of Wondrous Physick for enhanced survivability.
- The Godfrey’s Icon and Graven Mass Talisman further amplify the damage output of your spells, making the Academy Glintstone Staff an even more deadly tool in your arsenal.

Choose lightweight armor to maintain agility. The Spellblade armor set can be a good thematic choice, offering decent protection while emphasizing the magical aspects of the build.


Spells and Abilities

1. Large Magic Bubble
- This spell launches a large, slow-moving bubble towards enemies. The bubble has a significant size and moves at a leisurely pace, which can be used to disrupt enemy formations or as a strategic area denial tool
- Ideal for opening combat engagements, the Large Magic Bubble can catch groups of enemies off-guard, allowing you to set up further attacks or reposition yourself. Its slow speed also means it can serve as a floating barrier or distraction.

2. Small Magic Bubbles
- Fires several smaller, faster-moving bubbles. These bubbles are less about damage and more about maintaining control over the battlefield, harassing enemies, and keeping them at bay.
- Best used in the midst of combat to manage crowds, interrupt enemy attacks, and create openings for melee strikes or other spells. The rapid deployment and spread of these bubbles make them excellent for continuous pressure on multiple foes.

3. Glintstone Ice CAG
- A powerful ice spell that casts a chilling area effect, freezing enemies within its range. This spell is particularly effective against large groups and can significantly slow down or halt enemy advances.
- Combine with the Large Magic Bubble for maximum effect; as the bubble slows or stops enemy movements, follow up with Glintstone Ice CAG to freeze them, making them vulnerable to your Great Axe attacks or other spells.

4. Stars of Ruin
- This spell launches several small, homing star projectiles that seek out enemies. It’s great for hitting moving targets or adding supplemental damage during engagements.
- Useful for dealing with agile or retreating enemies. Stars of Ruin can be cast during or after engagements to finish off weakened foes or to keep consistent damage on targets as you maneuver around them.

5. Magic Hammer Slammer
- Summons a large, magical hammer that slams down on enemies, dealing significant area damage and knockback. This spell is effective in close quarters or when surrounded.
- When enemies get too close, or when you’ve managed to group them tightly with your other crowd control spells, Magic Hammer Slammer can deliver a devastating blow, clearing space around you and dealing heavy damage.

Talismans and Equipment

Spear Talisman
- The Spear Talisman is an accessory in the Elden Ring that boosts the damage of thrusting attacks. While the Rusted Anchor primarily deals standard slashing damage, any thrusting attacks it may have (depending on your imaginative interpretation or specific moveset integration in your version of the game) would be enhanced by this talisman.
- If the Rusted Anchor has any thrusting attacks or if you use any other weapons or spells that deal with thrust damage, the Spear Talisman significantly increases the damage output of these attacks. This is particularly useful for piercing through the defenses of heavily armored enemies or for targeting weak points effectively.
- The increased damage from thrust attacks also synergizes well with the overall strategy of controlling the pace and flow of combat, allowing you to deal decisive damage quickly and efficiently when opportunities arise.
- Godfrey Icon and Graven Mass Talisman: These enhance the damage and effectiveness of your spells.
- Opalene Heart Tier and Magic Crack Tier: These talismans help reduce spell-casting costs and increase damage under specific conditions, optimizing your magical and physical output.

Opaline Hardtear
The Opaline Hardtear enhances physical defenses, which is particularly useful in this build given the close-range combat scenarios you'll encounter using the Rusted Anchor. As often jump into the fray with melee attacks enhanced by magical spells, increasing resilience against physical attacks means you can sustain more hits during aggressive maneuvers or while setting up for your crowd-control spells.

Strategic Use:
This is best used when planning to tackle bosses or in areas dense with physically powerful enemies. It allows you to maintain your aggressive playstyle without the constant need for retreat, giving you the confidence to stay in close quarters longer to execute your magic and melee attacks effectively.

Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear
The Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear boosts your resistance against magical attacks. Considering that the Elden Ring features a variety of enemies wielding potent magic, this tear ensures that you can better withstand magical barrages, especially useful in encounters against sorcerers, dragons, and other magic-heavy adversaries.

Strategic Use
Enhancing your magic resistance is particularly beneficial in PvP scenarios where magic attacks are prevalent. It also comes in handy in specific PvE content where enemies utilize high-damage magical attacks that could otherwise severely punish melee-focused approaches.

Combining the Tears in the Flask
When mixed into the Flask of Wondrous Physick, using both the Opaline Hardtear and Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear together creates a versatile defensive elixir that enhances your build’s survivability across the board. This dual protection allows one to adapt to virtually any combat situation, mitigating weaknesses against both physical and magical attacks.

When to Use the Combined Flask
- Before Tough Battles: Drink the Flask just before engaging tough bosses or high-threat enemy groups to ensure you have the defensive buffs active throughout the fight.
- During Prolonged Encounters: In extended fights or areas where you face a mix of physical and magical threats, using the Flask can provide the necessary edge to endure longer without needing to retreat.

Battle Strategy
- Opening Combat: Begin engagements by casting Large Magic Bubbles to disrupt enemy lines and deal initial damage. The slow speed of the bubbles allows you to plan your next move as they travel towards the target.
- Maintaining Distance: Use Small Magic Bubbles and Glintstone Ice CAG to keep enemies at bay while you prepare more powerful spells or reposition.
- Crowd Control: In the thick of battle, deploy the Waves of Darkness Ash of War to knock back and damage groups of enemies, giving you breathing room.
- Heavy Hits: When enemies are clustered or significantly weakened, use Magic Hammer Slammer to deliver devastating blows. This is particularly effective against bosses or larger foes.
- Mobility and Defense: Stay mobile and avoid getting cornered. The Rusted Anchor’s cold infusion and your ice spells will slow enemies, aiding in this.

Stat Priorities
- Strength: 55 to effectively wield the Rusted Anchor.
- Intelligence: 50 to maximize the effectiveness of the Academy Glintstone Staff and your sorceries.
- Endurance and Vigor: Enough to wear your chosen armor without heavy encumbrance and to maintain a healthy HP pool.

This version of the game offers players an interesting and efficient gameplay style. Its core strategy involves dealing significant damage to enemies through a combination of unique physical and magical attacks, along with imaginative combat forms. Whether you are facing a powerful boss or a group of enemies, you can employ simple yet effective strategies to control the battlefield, providing a fresh and enjoyable experience.