Trade Guide about How to Get Your Elden Ring Orders Quickly

Game: Elden Ring
Time: 2024-06-28
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If you buy Elden Ring items or buy Elden Ring runes on U4GM, please read this guide. It will help you quickly complete your transactions and start enjoying the game as soon as possible.

Setting before trade

Dear customer, before trading you need to change the setting to the online mode.

First, you need to enter into the Network setting and start to set:

Cross-Region Play: Perform Matchmaking   
Send Summon Sign: Enable   
Launch Setting: Play Online

Elden Ring Network

Second, reset the multiplayer password.

Please click the multiplayer button, and you can see the Multiplayer password, change the password to 858687. In order to get your items in a fast way.

Elden Ring multiplayer password

How to make trade faster and safe?

After setting all the steps, we will start to trade with you by summoning.

- Please go to the Church of Elleh and draw the sign.

- Use the Duelist' Furled Finger to avoid other players' invasion. If you have a problem during the trade, we will trade with you again.

- All the items will be dropped on the ground, please pick them up and finish the trade.

How to pick up items faster?

Equipping a shield and standing defensive position, you can pick up 3 items in 1 second.

How to get the runes quickly?

After picking up 1 set runes, open the inventory and select runes. Click the selected button to 99/99 and use it. After using the runes, repeat the process. This is the most efficient way to collect the runes.