Fallout 76 Skyline Valley: New Neurological Warfare Event

Game: Fallout 76
Time: 2024-06-13
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The latest update to Fallout 76 adds a lot of new content, including an event in Skyline Valley called "Neurological Warfare". This event offers unique rewards and challenges for high-level players looking to test their skills against powerful enemies.

Neurological Warfare is an event added to Fallout 76 Skyline Valley, here is what the update notes say about Neurological Warfare:

While exploring Skyline Valley, you may get the inclination to nuke the region. These actions are not necessarily encouraged, but they’re not discouraged either. Guess you’ll just have to find out what happens.

Now that Fallout 76 Skyline Valley is available, we're going to give you a detailed description of the Neurological Warfare event in this game.

How to trigger the Neurological Warfare event?

To trigger the "Neurological Warfare" event, players must launch a nuke in Skyline Valley. However, unlike other nuke zones, the impact site can be placed anywhere in the region. The nuke will be absorbed by the Skyline Valley Storm, which will then trigger the event at the Hawkville Weather Station in the robot testing area.

Neurological Warfare

How to complete the event?

Once the event begins, players will face off against three powerful Storm Goliath robots in the robot testing area. The area is separated by red laser walls, and players must watch out for electric shocks on the floor. The Storm Goliaths have a unique damage reduction mechanic:

- Each boss robot has 10,000 health points  
- When all three are alive, they have a 20% damage reduction  
- If one robot is killed, the remaining two gain a 40% damage reduction  
- If only one Storm Goliath is left, it has a 60% damage reduction  
- The damage reduction is disabled when a Storm Goliath is crippled

The best tactic is to shoot all three robots down to low health without killing one after the other. Because every time you kill a robot, other robots become stronger. Once all three Storm Goliaths are defeated, the event is complete, and players can loot their rewards.


Neurological Warfare Event Rewards

Completing the "Neurological Warfare" event grants players a variety of rewards, including:

Generic rewards:

- 1,200 XP  
- 200 caps  
- Five legendary cores  
- One or two flux  
- Three treasure notes  
- One or two Red X or Red X diluted  
- Contextual ammo  
- One to three super stim packs  
- Two to three improved repair packs

Unique rewards (one per event):

- Anchorage Ace - a silent 10mm submachine gun with unique legendary perks and paint  
- VA 63 Gatling Laser - a powerful heavy weapon with unique legendary perks and paint  
- Vault 63 Laser Rifle - a high-damage rifle with unique legendary perks and paint  
- Vault 63 Recon, Security, and Riot Control outfits and helmets  
- Various blueprints, posters, and display items related to the event

The "Neurological Warfare" event in Fallout 76's Skyline Valley offers a challenging endgame experience for high-level players, with unique rewards and mechanics. By mastering the Storm Goliath's damage reduction and working together, players can earn valuable loot and progress their characters further in the post-apocalyptic world of Appalachia.