Fallout 76: The Best Legendary Perks

Game: Fallout 76
Time: 2024-05-05
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In Fallout 76, players now have access to get and use legendary perk cards to make a huge difference for the S.P.E.C.I.A.L.! However, players need to be careful which ones they choose for their character because it costs points to remove them. So in this guide, we will show you some best legendary perks in Fallout 76 that can make all the difference.

1. Legendary Intelligence


Fallout 76 Legendary Intelligence

Unlocks at Level 50   
Grants +1 Intelligence and +1 Intelligence Perk Points. Increases with Rank.

Leveling up is one of the most important parts of Fallout 76. Leveling up means that a player can have more perks and more points to spend. Each point that a player puts into the intelligence category, the more XP they earn. A plus 5 to intelligence translates roughly to a 10% increase in XP gain. So, to level up 10% faster, players should invest points as soon as possible in the intelligence legendary perk card.

2. Legendary Agility


Fallout 76 Legendary Agility

Unlocks at Level 50   
Grants +1 Agility and +1 Agility Perk Points. Increases with Rank.

Legendary Agility gives players a boost to the amount of AP they have in VATS. This can be very useful when taking down tougher enemies. Also, there's one perk card in particular that comes under agility that is pretty costly in terms of points: Adrenaline. This perk allows the player to do more damage for each consecutive kill.

3. Legendary Luck


Fallout 76 Legendary Luck

Unlocks at Level 50   
Grants +5 Luck and +5 Luck Perk Points. Increases with Rank.

The luck category has lots of must-have perks, like Starched Genes, Better Criticals, and Bloody Mess. It can be hard choosing which perks to have and which ones to keep out. So, by having extra slots for luck-based perk cards, the player doesn't have to make those hard decisions as they can have all of the best cards.

4. Legendary Strength


Fallout 76 Legendary Strength

Unlocks at Level 50   
Grants +1 Strength and +1 Strength Perk Points. Increases with Rank.

Strength is an important stat in Fallout 76. It influences how much a player can carry and how much unarmed damage they cause. So, by having an additional 5 points to spend, the player increases their carry weight by a lot. There are also some damage resistance perks under the strength category that can help keep players alive.

5. Legendary Perception


Fallout 76 Legendary Perception

Unlocks at Level 50   
Grants +1 Perception and +1 Perception Perk Points. Increases with Rank.

This is a fully upgraded legendary SPECIAL perk card gives the player a plus 5 for the selected SPECIAL stat. However, this is capped at 15. The perception category is where lots of the rifle damage cards go. So, for players who use either a single shot or automatic rifles, having up to 5 extra points can really make a difference to a player's damage output. Also, with high perception, players will see enemies appear on their HUD from further away.

6. Taking One For The Team


Fallout 76 Taking One For The Team

Unlocks at Level 50   
Causes enemies to take 10% additional damage when they attack a player on a team.

This perk is great for players who enjoy some teamwork. At the base level, this card causes enemies to take 10% more damage if they attack the player while on a team.  When maxed out, this card makes it so that enemies who attack the player will take 40% more damage. This is an incredibly powerful legendary perk. It's something that lots of players constantly have active on their character.

7. Master Infiltrator


Fallout 76 Master Infiltrator

Unlocks at Level 50   
Allows players to pick any level zero lock while providing +3 to Hacking and Lockpicking.

This card, at the base level, allows a player to pick any level zero lock and hack any level zero terminal. When maxed out, this card gives gamers the option to auto-unlock all terminals and locks. It is amazingly useful for any player who loves to explore and doesn't want to waste precious perk points on lockpicking cards. It's important to note that this card doesn't need to be equipped all the time. It only needs to be active when the player needs to unlock something.