Fallout 76: The Best Builds To Use

Game: Fallout 76
Time: 2024-05-29
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Fallout 76 is a game that allows players to choose their own playstyles. From melee and rifle builds to stealth and tank builds, there are lots of options for players to choose from. The effectiveness of builds changes in the game depending on a variety of factors, but as it stands, these are the best builds in Fallout 76 in 2024.

Bloodied Commando

Fallout 76 Bloodied Commando

Commando: 3     
Expert Commando: 3     
Master Commando: 3     
ConcentratedFire: 1     
Tank Killer: 3     
Nerd Rage: 3     
Starched Genes: 2     
Bloody Mess: 3     
Adrenaline: 5     
Strange in Numbers: 1

Bloodied builds are among the best build types in Fallout 76. And, out of all the Bloodied build types, commando builds are at the top of the food chain. While the player will die more often when compared to a full health build, a bloodied build more than makes up for it with high damage and a larger carrying capacity. In addition, players will level up much faster using a bloodied build. The most important is any good armor set and automatic rifle will work with this build. Also, by utilizing the Adrenaline perk, the damage will increase for every kill made within a certain time frame. Simply put, this is a high-risk build, but with high risk comes high rewards.

Power Leveling

Fallout 76 Power Leveling

Night Person: 3 (Needs To Be Switched Out In The Daytime For Photosynthetic Or Solar Powered)     
Inspirational: 3     
Strange in Numbers: 1     
Curator: 1     
Class Freak: 3     
Max Intelligence Points: Always Have 15 in Intelligence. Each Perk in Intelligence Boosts Player XP     
Starched Genes: 2     
A power leveling build is ideal for lower-level players. By having a build that gives more XP to the player, they can find themselves leveling up several times an hour. Like with all builds in Fallout 76, a power-leveling build relies on more than just perks. Utilizing mutations like Egg Head and Herd Mentality can help players earn even more XP. Combine that with lunch boxes, leader bobbleheads, and XP-boosting foods like Cranberry Relish and Brain Bombs, and the player can level up at the speed of light.

Full Health Power Armor Tank

Fallout 76 Full Health Power Armor Tank

Blocker: 3     
Heavy Gunner Perks (For Heavy Weapons): 3 in Each     
Gladiator Perks (For One-Handed Weapons): 3 in Each     
Slugger Perks (For Two-Handed Weapons): 3 in Each     
Fire Proof: 3     
Lifegiver: 3     
Strange in Numbers: 1     
Power User: 2     
Stabilized (For Heavy Gunners): 3     
Starched Genes: 2     
Class Freak: 3     
Full-health Power Armor builds are mostly popular among players. Builds like this are mostly used for those who enjoy melee weapons and heavy guns. The core idea of a tank build is to have as much damage resistance as possible. The higher the player's damage resistance, the less likely they are to die. Despite being a build centered around having high damage resistance, players using a heavy explosive weapon can still cause a decent amount of damage if they equip the Heavy Gunner Perks alongside rank 5 Demolition Expert.

Full Health Non-Power Armor

Fallout 76 Full Health Non-Power Armor

Weapon Damage Boosting Perks (Depends on Player Preference): 3 in Each     
Adamantium Skeleton: 3     
Fireproof: 3     
Strange in Numbers: 1     
Tenderizer: 3     
Bandolier/Batteries Included (Depends on Ammo Type Used By The Player): Max Rank     
Action Boy/Girl: 3     
Class Freak: 3     
Starched Genes: 2     
While not as effective as a tanky Power Armor build, a standard full-health build is popular due to its flexibility. The downside of this type of build is that it doesn't really specialize in any one thing. So, players won't level up very fast, cause crazy high amounts of damage, or have a very high damage resistance. Instead, the player will be average across the board. A standard full-health build is a good choice for those who have not yet decided what type of weapons, armor, mutations, and perks that they want to invest in for the long term.

Junkie's Power Armor

Fallout 76 Junkie's Power Armor

Heavy Gunner Perks (Recommended): 3 in Each     
Ghoulish: 3     
Strange in Numbers: 1     
Stabilized (Recommended Only For Heavy Guns): 3     
Born Survivorv     
Chem Fiend: 3     
Super Duper (For Crafting Chems): 3     
Chemist (For Crafting Chems): 1     
Starched Genes: 2     
Class Freak: 3     
A Junkie's Power Armor Build isn't centered around the perks but around Chems.  Using Junkie's weapons while being addicted to various Chems can be a viable way to take down enemies efficiently. Coupled with the right mutations and a good set of Power Armor and a Junkie's build can be very effective. While a Junkie's build can be good for other weapon types, it's heavy guns where this style really shines. The obvious downside of a Junkie's build is the side effects of various addictions. However, if done right, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.