Fortnite Challenges Guide for Week 8 of Season 6

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It's time for us to update the Fortnite weekly challenges guide on time because of Fortnite Season 6, Week 8 is in full swing, which means there's a bunch of new challenges to undertake. It seems that this week's challenge is more interesting than what Epic Games gave us last week. To make your challenge easier, players can buy fortnite save the world weapons on U4GM.

Fortnite Season 6 Week 8 Challenges Guide

Until now, we nevertheless haven't observed any with the scavenger hunt-like "search between" quests in season 6, but there's a challenge this week that we've never ever seen ahead of. Thankfully, the ones we've got observed prior to are quite fun, and you should really be able to get via them without too considerably trouble. If you haven't completed week 7's challenges, head to our guide. 



NO.1 Fortnite Season 6, Week 8 - Free Challenges Guide


1) Stage 1: Visit Lonely Lodge and Retail Row in a single match



We've seen these two-location challenges inside the past and they're fairly easy to complete by following the directions. You may try the new Food Fight mode and hope to get a bus path that makes these areas accessible and protected, then continue together with the game. But no matter how you do it, if you focus on this challenge for any couple of games, you ought to be able to finish it pretty conveniently.


2) Dance with a fish trophy at different named locations



There are various fish trophies hanging around the walls of different named areas and it's your job to boogie down in front of seven of them. We've got a list right here on the fish trophy locations along with a handy map:


Fortnite Fish Location


Fatal Fields - Above the chimney around the initial floor of your property.

Greasy Grove - Near the counter inside the nature retailer.

Snobby Shores - Above the couch in the bunker with the south-most property.

Tilted Towers - Around the floor of the demolished developing.

Dusty Divot - Inside a modest workplace on the second floor.

Retail Row - There's a giant fish trophy on the front in the store. If that one particular does not count, there's a regular a single inside!

Lonely Lodge - Inside the key and largest cabin, first floor.

Wailing Woods - Three of them are hanging out around the second floor on the underground bunker hidden underneath the hedge maze.

Risky Reels - Within the second-floor workplace of your building together with the green screen.

Lazy Hyperlinks - Behind the counter in the gift shop.

Junk Junction - Above the mattress on the initial floor of the major building.


3) Six Shooter or heavy assault rifle eliminations



Of course, the larger challenge right here could be locating the weapons themselves, however, it makes it just a little a lot easier than you can full the challenge with either a single. In the event, you stay conscious of the challenge as you play, after you discover a single of those weapons, be certain to work with them exclusively and you are going to get this one particular carried out fairly fast.


NO.2 Fortnite Season 6, Week 8 - Battle Pass Challenges Guide


1) Get a score of 3 on different clay pigeon shooters



A repeat challenge from Season 5. Locate 3 distinctive clay pigeon machines and shoot down the clay pigeon that flies out immediately after you activate the machine. Clay pigeon shooting machines have been spotted in diverse regions on the map. Activate the tiny machine and let the clay pigeon fly - shoot it out of your sky to add points for the scoreboard. A rubber duck will sometimes fly out as well!


There is a total of six clay pigeon locations but you only need to go to 3. Use our clay pigeon map under to seek out each of the areas!


Fortnite Clay Pigeon Shooters


Loot Lake - Along the northeastern edge in the lake.

West of Pleasant Park near the abandoned building.

South of Shifty Shafts and west in the town with the giant wooden chair.

East of Lazy Links close to the bridge over the river.

All of the way south of Paradise Palms close to the edge from the map as well as the small river.

North of Lonely Lodge, just over a little hill.


Have to have some support shooting down the clay pigeon? Stand subsequent for the machine and commit to a spot. As you activate the machine for each clay pigeon, watch the trajectory with the clay pigeon every single time for you to see precisely exactly where it goes. Pick a spot inside the air (appear for one thing inside the background to start at!) and constantly aim for the same spot. This way you may focus on timing alternatively of aim.


Selecting a weapon having a high price of fire might help better your possibilities. The shotgun has a widespread so your accuracy isn't as critical. And make sure to do this in Disco Domination or Food Fight, the final factor you would like are enemy teams all around you!


2) Get trick points in a vehicle



Receiving air though inside a Shopping Cart, ATK, or Quadcrasher can earn you trick points and this neat function is now a part of a challenge that asks you to collect a total of 250,000 points. The longer you're in a position to stay inside the air without touching the ground, the additional points you will earn. Do that by creating a ramp going off a cliff or simply visit Stunt Mountain north from the soccer stadium and fly down from there.


Landing incorrectly can expense you your life. The essential to landing with taking can be a small harm as you can will be to straighten out your ATK or Shopping Cart if you land. Try to make your car as parallel as you can using the floor, exactly the same position it could be in in the event you were driving. Take into account you can't full challenges in Playground mode.


Wondering exactly where you may come across an ATK? The desert biome if filled with them regardless of whether it's the race track, Paradise Palms, or close to the gas station. Snobby Shores can also be residence to a variety of autos as is Lazy Links. A single ATK cart could be located at Junk Junction, Flush Factory, and in the wooden fort north of Wailing Woods.


3) Visit different named locations in a single match



This one is going to become fairly tough, but I like the challenge of it. It is possible to think about it when it comes to the method or simply goes with what the map offers you once you jump off the battle bus. Strategically, you could start off on the coast and program to go inward where there is a line of named areas you may pass by way of. I've my eye on starting at Junk Junction, passing through Haunted Hills toward Pleasant Park, then ending at Loot Lake. According to where the bus goes, choose a similar lineup and focus on finishing this challenge as your sole goal in the match.


4) Stage 1: Use grappling hook



Definitely, you are going to need to wait till you uncover a grappling hook, but this challenge looks exciting. You only will need to utilize the item once and just adhere to the directions for every stage soon after that.

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