Fortnite V6.21 Patch Notes is Now Available with Balloons

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With the update of Fortnite v6.21, new content has been added to the game. The fifth update of Season 6 adds Balloons, a further crucial modify is usually to audio within the game and especially in relation to gliders. Here is the full content of Fortnite v6.21. For more Fortnite news and guides, head to our Fortnite News hub.

Fortnite Patch V6.21



NO.1 Balloons item



Balloons arrived in Fortnite now together with the v6.21 patch. As shown in the trailer above, they're a new, fun-looking way to float about the map which will pop when players shoot at them.


The Balloons item is of Epic rarity. A pickup includes 20 balloons, and you can hold six of those at a time. Your principal fire button will inflate them when the secondary fire will release them. Epic warns which you should not float as well high with these novelty things: they have a finite lifespan once you reach the game's maximum build height. You may discover balloons in chests, floor loot, vending machines, provide drops, and loot llamas.


NO.2 Vaulted Guided Missile, Dual Pistols, and more



Elsewhere, some fortnite save the world weapons such as the Guided Missile, Dual Pistols, and Semi-Auto Sniper have already been vaulted, plus a quarter of explosive damage will now travel via walls. The Grappler's velocity has also been tweaked. 


The patch notes also underline on Fortnite's glider re-deploy function: it really is here to remain soon after a week of what is described as "positive results". And keep in mind that Fortnitemares ends this Sunday. 


NO.3 Full v6.21 patch list





Playground Mode


Bug Fixes

  • Updated Port-A-Challenge grenade names.
  • Improved clarity of where to throw Port-A-Challenge grenades.


Weapons + Items

Balloons added

  • Epic rarity
  • Comes with 20 deployable balloons.
  • Makes it possible for the player to defy gravity by holding as much as six balloons at a time.
  • Primary fire button to inflate a balloon, secondary fire button to let go of a balloon.
  • Is often discovered from floor loot, chests, Supply Drops, Provide Llamas, and Vending Machines.
  • NOTE: Don't float as well high for also long, balloons only final so long at max develop height.


  • When grappling as a car passenger, the velocity of the automobile is factored in to the grapple force.
  • Only occurs in situations exactly where vehicle velocity is going to be a net gain to grapple force.
  • Grappling as a vehicle passenger will now trigger the automobile to travel inside a straight line to its destination instead of traveling in an arc.


  • Semi-Auto Sniper
  • Guided Missile
  • Dual Pistols
  • These items will remain available in Playground Mode.


  • 25% of explosive damage will now penetrate by means of structures and the environment.




Glider Re-deploy

"We've completed our initially week of Glider Re-deploy being available in all modes. Through this time we've been collecting internal data and monitoring constructive feedback from all of you. We understand that not all players agree with this change, but we would prefer to continue with this functionality inside the game depending on the positive final results we've been seeing."


"As this function remains offered, we'll begin generating good quality of life changes to its functionality. Initially, of which will be prioritizing Glider audio more than weapon audio within certain ranges, this will start in v6.21. We also program on adding extra adjustments in future updates."


"Thanks for the discussion and feedback you've provided. Please continue letting us understand how we can increase this feature, your thoughts on its impact in matches, and any other feedback you may have as we continue to perform on Glider Re-deploy."


Additional Gameplay Changes

  • Grass updates extra frequently resulting in smoother animation.
  • Added assistance for Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and newer versions of PS4 and Xbox 1 controllers on Mac


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem exactly where selecting up a trap could bring about a hitch.
  • Particular bindings will no longer override the ability to use the fullscreen map and spectating actions.
  • Fixed the delay amongst making use of multiple Compact Shields.
  • Fixed a problem where inventory could get stuck when using the Grappler although picking up an item.
  • Map zooming with trigger buttons works on Switch once again.



  • Intensified Fiend Hunter Crossbow fire sounds.
  • Reduced volume of Cube Monsters and dynamic spawners.
  • It really is now a lot easier to hear gliders even though shooting or harvesting.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed sniper projectiles playing the wrong influence sounds when hitting Cube Monsters.
  • Fixed Boogie Bomb music not playing for Cube Monsters.
  • Fixed a bug causing Quad Launcher rocket explosions to reset when scrubbing replays.




Missions + Systems

  • All rarities of Perk-UP and RE-Perk components are now distributed beginning in mid-Plankerton and beyond.
  • This applies to mission rewards and Miniboss Mission Alerts.

Perk Caches

  • New Cache type which will drop each RE-Perk and Perk-UP.
  • Will start off appearing in mid-Plankerton.
  • These can drop from Mini-bosses and treasure chests.
  • The Volcanic and Vortex modifiers can now appear on mini-bosses.
  • The Vortex modifier permits the enemy to work with a bolt of energy to pull heroes towards it.
  • The Volcanic modifier causes the ground to rupture beneath a player, exploding for enormous damage.
  • Adjusted the Mutant Storm mission table to assure only one of the 3 modifiers could possibly seem in a mission.
  • Acid Pools, Smoke Screens, and Slowing Pools.
  • The Frenzied Deathburst modifier now applies an increase to enemy attack damage together with a speed enhance.



  • Dim Mak Igor - Plague Doctor Ninja.
  • Available on November 1 at 8 PM Eastern Time.


Bug Fixes

  • Goin' Commando's perk Boomstick now correctly offers power harm.




Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where upgraded Adrenaline Rush would not revive allies.

When putting traps or employing BASE with perks or attributes that raise max health to construct pieces, the creating pieces no longer get stuck with "Repair 1" rather of letting you Upgrade.

Fixed an achievable crash leaving the zone on Xbox

Correct mission information now displays for party members in zone lobby.

Defenses built about storm trap are destroyed when storm trap is placed afterward.




Bug Fixes

  • Taker now properly pushes players out of the way with swoop attack.
  • The outline for pumpkin headed Husks now appears properly.



  • Added sound updates for vote technique with Mission Handle.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with Disintegrator explosion sounds not playing regularly.
  • Fixed challenge with combat music persisting when finishing Fight the Storm missions.
  • Fixed challenge with Husk Bee Hive harm sounds not playing consistently.
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