Fortnite vs PUBG: Strengths, Weaknesses and Major Differences

Game: Fortnite
Time: 2023-02-13
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Both Fortnite and PUBG are the biggest and best Battle Royale games around. Both games have their own set of diverse and comparable mechanics. So how do you choose which game is greater for you in the event you only possess the time for you to play by way of one particular? So we put together a guide that'll take you via each their strengths, weaknesses and main variations.

Fortnite vs PUBG


NO.1 Gameplay


With regards to fundamentals, PUBG and Fortnite: Battle Royale are effectively the exact same. You'll parachute onto a map, loot buildings, escape the blue circle and try to outlast 99 other players. Sometimes buy Fortnite Items on U4GM may an easy way to save time if you tired of grinding quests and events for items in the game.


The big difference in between the two are their takes around the Battle Royale genre. PUBG focuses on realism, with weapon attachments, punishing recoil, bullet drop as well as a greater concentrate on inventory management.


Fortnite's slightly more accessible in this regard, having a higher emphasis on frantic, fun combat over realism. The biggest difference is creating. You'll be able to harvest components you learn within the game globe to make forts and defensive structures that'll enable you to survive encounters or gain the advantage.


PUBG's got cars, whilst Fortnite doesn't. If you are into cruising about maps with allies inside the backseat, then PUBG's pipped Fortnite within this regard.


Ultimately, each supply a decent variety of game modes. PUBG's got weekly events and custom matches, although Fortnite's also got Limited-Time Game Modes that final for around a week.


NO.2 Maps



Currently, Fortnite's only property to one map, though PUBG has two, with one particular extra on the way incredibly quickly.


1) Fortnite


Fortnite's map is considerably smaller sized than each of PUBG's. This makes for an additional frenetic pace, with action appropriate in the get-go.

As it is smaller, there's much less travel time among locations.

It's hillier, with much more opportunities for sniping opponents from afar.

There's a decent mixture of areas. You've got woods, warehouses, skyscrapers, marshes and more to accomplish battle in.

As opposed to PUBG's maps, Fortnite's locations each and every have their very own distinct theme. You've got the East Asian Lucky Landing, the spooky Wailing Woods and higher society region of Snobby Shores as an example.





PUBG's house to two maps at the moment: Erangel and Miramar. There's one more one particular on the way known as "Savage".

Erangel is largely woodland based, whilst Miramar includes a desert theme. Savage is based on a tropical island.

Erangel and Miramar are substantially larger than Fortnite's map, which suggests a slower pace generally. Despite the fact that dropping in particular hotspots will increase your odds of an enormous gunfight inside the opening moments in the game.

As a result of size of each Erangel and Miramar, you will have a greater opportunity of surviving early on and having into the game progressively.

There's a range of locales, using a terrific deal of hills, mountain peaks, rivers - you name it.

The upcoming "Savage" map is very easily the smallest PUBG map to date and will provide a great deal more rapid pace from the game for all those who crave action.


NO.3 Mobile

Fortnite vs PUBG Mobile


PUBG Mobile's at the moment available on Android and iOS devices worldwide. All you will need to do is search for it within your respective Play or Apple Retailers and get it downloaded to begin playing.


Fortnite's not quite reached PUBG's scale just but. Fortnite Mobile is only out there on iOS devices at the moment with Android sign ups open plus a release date someplace around the horizon.


When it comes to gameplay experiences, each offer brilliant overall performance and you'll obtain each and every piece of content in the most important versions in the game also. Very same modes, maps, fortnite save the world weapons and all.


NO.4 Player Count


In relation to how several players are on PUBG and Fortnite, you surely will not struggle to discover a game that's for confident.


It's quite tricky to locate pin-point accurate stats for each game, but PUBG's concurrent player count is easily in the top of Steam's charts day in, day out.


On all platforms, Fortnite requires the crown although. It's reportedly got over 45 million players and counting, so you've got a single huge neighborhood to acquire stuck into if you decide to pick up the game.


If something, the player count shouldn't matter for the time being. Either way you will obtain matches and other players to party up with, devoid of any hassle whatsoever.


NO.5 System Requirements (PC)


There's a clear winner here and it's Fortnite.


PUBG's far from nicely optimised and it is considerably far more taxing on your technique than Fortnite. You'll have to have a fairly strong rig to run the game at 60 FPS, or at the least tone down several settings to obtain there. Even then, you will experience the occasional frame drop, stutter or general functionality issue that comes with playing a game that nevertheless requires some tweaking.


Fortnite's cartoony art style implies that it can run around the vast majority of PCs, so these on a spending budget program shouldn't require to tweak numerous settings at all. Unless you are operating on integrated graphics, this game will run a treat. It is improved optimised too, which makes to get a lot smoother gameplay knowledge normally.


NO.6 Respective advantages



Sadly it really is impossible to offer a definitive answer to a question that is very subjective. In all honesty, it's dependent on what kind of Battle Royale encounter you happen to be seeking for.


To help you make an informed decision, or at least to make life a bit simpler, we've listed motives to play every single game just beneath.


1) Causes to choose PUBG


A focus on realism.

Greater intensity - much more critical.

Tight shooting mechanics. You've truly got to consider every single shot.


A greater range of maps, each significant and - quickly to be - little.

Games possess a slightly slower pace in general which provides nearly just about every player a likelihood to gear up and get into each match they enter.

Less forgiving, grittier gameplay overall.

A choice amongst third and first person modes.

Weapon attachments add a good volume of depth for the game's arsenal of weaponry.


2) Causes to choose Fortnite


Harvesting components and developing fortresses adds a complex layer of strategy to matches.

Destructible environments.

It is extra accessible using a concentrate on enjoyable more than realism.

Runs buttery smooth on all platforms.

Close to continuous updates and improvements.

Faster, additional frantic pace.

Zanier weapons, grenades, and things.

It really is no cost to attempt out.