The Way to Get Fortnite Training Manuals

Game: Fortnite
Time: 2023-02-13
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As one of the ways to Evolve Heroes and Survivors, Training Manuals is used as an evolution material. Since you won't find Training Manuals as a common mission reward, which is unlike the Pure Drops of Rain, you'll need to sacrifice a bit more to get these hard to find items. Now U4GM will share with you the way to get Fortnite Training Manuals. Meanwhile, U4GM as a trustworthy Fortnite Items trading platform will provide you Fortnite Weapons with reasonable price.

The Way to Get Fortnite Training Manuals


No.1 - Retiring Rare Characters, Survivors, and Defenders

No.2 - Leveling up Your Collection Book


NO.1 Retiring Rare Characters, Survivors, and Defenders


As of right now, retiring Rare Characters (Blue Status or Higher), Survivors, and Defenders is the main way of obtaining Training Manuals. The higher the quality of character you are retiring, the more training manuals you will receive in return.




For each Rare Hero, Survivor, and Defender that you retire, you will receive one Training Manual.




Bear in mind that you can use Transform Keys to upgrade a character's Rarity, however, once you retire a character, you will no longer be able to use them.




NO.2 Leveling up Your Collection Book


Another method to get Fortnite Training Manuals is to leveling up your collection book. However, what is the Collection Book?




Players will have what is called a Collection Book While they playing Fortnite, this book is meant to be filled with cards, the same you receive by retiring heroes and recycling Weapons. It's key to add items to you Collection Book, because, as you do, your Collection Book will continue to Level Up.




You will be gifted with highly useful Rewards while each and every time you level up your Collection Book, such as Pure Drops of Rain, Lighting In A Bottle and Training Manuals, are used to help Evolve your characters.




It's worth noting that you only obtain them when you achieve specific levels for your Collection Book, refer to the table below, you'll find all the rewards for Collection Book levels 1 -100. 





Collection Book LevelReward
2500 Hero XP
3Uncommon Schematic
4500 Survivor XP
56 Pure Drops of Rain
6500 V-bucks
77 Pure Drops of Rain
8Uncommon Constructor and Survivor
91 Skill Point
10500 Schematic XP
118 Pure Drops of Rain
12Choice of Uncommon Melee Weapon or Shotgun
13Golden Llama
14100 Hero XP
153 Training Manuals
16Rare Ranged Weapon
179 Pure Drops of Rain
182 Skill Points
191000 Survivor XP
2010 Pure Drop of Rain, 5 Lightning in a Bottle
21XP Candy Pack
223 Training Manuals
23Rare Ninja or Outlander
24Uncommon and Rare Survivors
25Epic Survivor
26500 V-bucks
2710 Pure Drops of Rain
28Rare Trap
295 Lightning in a Bottle
30100 Schematic XP
31Trap Pack
32Rare Survivors
332 Skill Points
3412 Pure Drops of Rain, 5 Lightning in a Bottle
351200 Hero XP
368 Training Manuals
371200 Survivor XP
38Rare Hero and Survivors
391200 Schematic XP
40Rare Survivor
41Weapon Pack
423 Eyes
438 Training Manuals
441500 Hero XP
45Epic Survivor
462 SKill Points
4714 Pure Drops of Rain, 5 Lightning in a Bottle, 1 Eyes
481500 Hero XP
49Epic and Rare Survivors
501500 Schematic XP
51Choice of Rare Hero
525 Lightning in a Bottle, 2 Eyes
534 Training Manuals
54Trap Pack
552000 Hero XP
562 Skill Points
57Rare Weapon
582000 Survivor XP
592000 Schematic XP
605 Lightning in a Bottle, 1 Eye
61Trap Pack
62Uncommon Schematic, 2 uncommon Traps
634 Training Manuals
64XP Candy Pack
65Epic and Rare Survivors
663 Skill Points
6716 Pure Drops of Rain, 5 Lightning in a Bottle, 2 Eyes
682000 Hero XP
693 Skill Points
7018 Pure Drops of Rain, 5 Lightning in a Bottle, 3 Eyes
71Weapon Pack
722000 Survivor XP
73Epic and Rare Survivors
7410 Training Manuals
7520 Pure Drops of Rain, 10 Lightning in a Bottle, 4 Eyes
762000 Schematic XP
773 Skill Points
783000 Hero XP
79Epic and Uncommon Survivors
803000 Survivor XP
81Epic Trap Pack
822 Epic Survivors, 1 Epic Hero
8310 Lightning in a Bottle, 4 Eyes
843 Skill Points
853000 Schematic XP
861 Epic Survivor, 2 Rare Survivors
87Choice of Epic Hero
8822 Pure Drops of Rain, 10 Lightning in a Bottle, 5 Eyes
893000 Hero XP
903000 Survivor XP
91500 V-bucks
923000 Schematic XP
93Rare Schematic
944 Training Manuals
95XP Candy Pack
96Uncommon Defender
97Epic and Rare Survivors
983 Skill Points
994000 Hero XP
100Epic Schematic