Where Are the Best Locations for Fortnite Players to Land

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Choosing a good starting spot means you will have a good start in Fortnite Battle Royale, land within a negative spot and you could face a risky scramble to bag each of the loot before everybody else does, or basically find yourself with absolutely nothing and come up against an enemy later down the line who's sporting all that lovely legendary gear. So know where to land is particularly important, here are the 7 best places to land or you can choose to buy fortnite save the world weapons on U4GM, which might save you more time.

Best Locations for Fortnite Players to Land



NO.1 Anarchy Acres



Just off towards the left of Anarchy Acres can be a nicely positioned motel with some quite tasty loot tucked away inside. Get prepared for any fight even though, as this place is hotly contested within a standard match, and you are going to prefer to face an extremely rapid fight for the death early on.


To increase your probabilities of survival, land around the abandoned homes and commence functioning your way into the motel. Make use of the gaps inside the walls to seek out any opponents, remain around the rooftops and you are going to gather essential intel on enemy positions.


Listen out for chests within the motel and ensure you verify the trucks outdoors also - they occasionally carry chests also. When you have finished right here, you might have possibilities to go exploring and looting in either Anarchy Acres itself or the nearby Pleasant Park.


NO.2 Fatal Fields



Make a beeline for Fatal Fields and you'll quite rapidly notice that there's a cluster of trucks positioned towards the southeastern section of this area. After you've hoovered the loot up right here, make your strategy to the nearby ramshackle house and have a great rummage about.


Once you have cleaned out the property, head west until you come to a pair of trucks. Search them thoroughly, then consider producing your way straight up to Moisty Mire. Just be prepared for any fight any time you get there as it can be really a preferred location to acquire kitted out earlier on in a game.


NO.3 Between Shifty Shafts and Flush Factory


Plonked suitable within the middle of both Shifty Shafts and Flush Factory are just a little area with an enormous wooden chair, a diner and also a couple of houses.


This isn't a glamorous location filled with chests, but it does serve its goal as a quiet location containing just sufficient gear to get you up and running. You will need to loot everything swiftly just before scouring the outer places for more. There's an abandoned home nearby which includes a chest, and loads of trees to harvest too.


We propose moving onto bigger locations like Flush Factory or Shifty Shafts once you've cleaned up shop. You are going to be sufficiently geared as much as assassinate any enemies you run into, and as these locations are hotly contested it really is probably you are going to stumble into some fights and get the drop on a number of foes at the same time.


NO.4 Haunted Hills



Look towards the top-left of your map and you'll see each Junk Junction and Haunted Hills tucked away within the corner. Simply to the best of these two locations is a modest group of ruined homes, chock full of juicy loot chests.


That is a prime location if you're searching for someplace quite quiet, and want a simple time discovering those all-important golden chests.


Once you happen to be completed right here it really is worth moving more than to Junk Junction, Haunted Hills or perhaps Pleasant Park if you have got the time. All of these locations are most likely to be populated with stragglers who've carried out all of the looting for you personally - be aggressive and claim it as your individual.


NO.5 Flush Factory


Whenever you arrive at Flush Factory, head straight towards the industrial chimney. It typically features a chest in the best, which can provide you with a vital weapon advantage whenever you initially land on the map.


It goes devoid of saying that you simply really should scope out the atmosphere immediately from this vantage point ahead of doing something else, so as to pick off any inattentive looters who could be milling about the place.


Next, go inside the chimney developing and search upstairs and downstairs, paying special consideration to the containers which could effectively include a bonus chest or two. When you're performed looting the buildings, make sure you check out the nearby autos at the same time, as they are able to include a surprising amount of loot - just about every tiny helps after all!


NO.6 Paradise Palms


Introduced with Season 5, Paradise Palms is Fortnite's vast desert zone and a single that is filled to the brim with loot. You'll discover all sorts of decent drops all through the area's plentiful buildings and it really is a terrific spot to obtain kitted up immediately if you are in a hurry to bag some kills or complete some challenges.


NO.7 Junk Junction


Just to the southeast of this area is actually a rather rundown compound that includes a surprisingly solid number of looting possibilities. Players have reported acquiring as much as four chests in this location, but preserve your eyes open on the very first chest you should loot as you approach on strategy. That way it is possible to promptly get geared up to cope with anybody else who's had the exact same notion about dropping into this zone.

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