How To Drift In Forza Horizon 4?

Game: Forza Horizon 4
Time: 2023-02-13
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Forza Horizon 4, because it's a bit more of the wild side, you can pull of some crazy drifts in cars that you probably wouldn't be able to pull off that well if this was a game that was more grounded in realism. Here are some tricks & tips for how to drift properly in Forza Horizon 4. Choose U4gm to buy Forza Horizon 4 Credits. With enough Credits, buy a favorite car and enjoy the thrill of drift.





Before beginning, please note that you need some at least some speed for drifting and we will be focusing on how to drift in Automatic gears.

Move fast on a straight road and as soon as you are about to turn, hit the E-brakes, and turn into the direction you want to turn to. That is it. You will start drifting right there. Pretty easy, wasn't it?

However, do note that as soon as you hit a turn and hit the E-brakes, your car will quickly decelerate, quickly killing your drift. To compensate this, use the Clutch at the same time.

Moreover, when you are about to turn, turn a little opposite to the direction you want to already turn because Hudson Hornet!

After successfully drifting, be sure to slowly steer back into your original direction or you will lose precious time in a race




The basic principles that go into how well you perform a drift are speed, angle, and how long you press the brake button.

At high speeds, you would only need to apply brakes gently. While for tighter bends or corners at greater angles, the vehicle may need to be slowed down or brakes should be pressed longer.

Use the clutch and e-brake at the same time but with a very little delay.

Avoid obstacles while drifting and try not to hit cars.

Stay in-lane while drifting to avoid any speed loss.

Try to stay close to the corners or the edges for maximum effectiveness. This will give you a better angle to carry out your drifts no matter how tight the bends are.

For a better experience, if you are really willing, you can go for a steering wheel. A steering wheel is the best option besides a controller and it is absolutely amazing.

Tune your car to better drift but don't overdo it and ultimately make your car slide over with the slightest turn.

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