How to Trade Forza Horizon 4 Credits

Game: Forza Horizon 4
Time: 2023-02-13
Views: 16519

1. Please write the correct Gamertag, if there is the blank or Special character in Gamertag, please tell us on Livechat.
2. If you buy 11M Credits, please list a Legendary car and make its buy out at 11M.
3. If you buy more than 11M, please list more Legendary Cars to reach your amount.
4. Please set the Duration as 24 hours, and the 15% Auction Fees Are Of Your Charge.

Legendary Cars: 


If your account has less than 1M FH4 Credits or no Legendary Cars, Please sell anything you have at the Auction House, Tell to Our at live chat (In the right bottom of the page). Our Gamer will buy these cars then you have the credits to buy Legendary Cars at the Auction House. At present, the auction price of the Legendary Cars is around 3M.