A Complete Guide For Monopoly Go Shields

Game: Monopoly Go
Time: 2024-04-21
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In Monopoly Go, you can build your own empire, compete with other players, accumulate wealth, and win prizes. But to achieve this, you need to Protect your properties from attacks by your rivals, so you need shields. In this guide, we explain what Monopoly Go shields are and how you can stock up on them, and protect your Landmarks.

What are Monopoly Go Shields?

Monopoly Go Shields

In Monopoly GO players can attack and receive attacks on their landmarks from enemy players. Shields are a way to protect landmarks from attacks, preventing enemies from destroying properties and making money. Every time you block a demolition, you lose a shield. If you don't have shields, the other players can damage your buildings and you will have to repair them, spending more money.

How To Get Monopoly Go Shields?

Shields can be acquired by various means, although the most common is falling on the squares of the board where are your icons. Another mentioned is by participating in different events and tournaments. Many of these events will award you with new Shields whenever you reach certain milestones, and by placing high in most of the in-game tournaments. Another way of getting shields is by many of your 'mundane' tasks within the game, such as the Quick Wins tab and Community Chest.

The amount of shields you can have depends on your level of wealth, although The maximum is 5 shields. As soon as you reach the maximum shield limit, the excess shields become free Monopoly Go Dice.

Where Can You See Your Monopoly Go Shields?

Monopoly Go Shields 1

To see how many shields you have active you have to go to the Right upper corner on the screen, with its respective symbol. But if you want to see the collection you have, you can access your themed shield showroom in three ways:

Tap the shields icon at the top right of the UI view.  
Tap on one of the 3D shields that you will see on the board.  
Enter the menu in the upper right corner of the UI view, tap the section My Showroom, and look for the section Shields.

Here you select the shield you want to configure by default, which will be the one that appears to your rivals when you block their attacks. Once you activate all the shields, you will not be able to obtain more until you spend them.

What Benefits Do Shields Have In Monopoly Go?

They allow buildings to be protected from attacks by other players and prevent them from being damaged.  
You will save money on repairs and they can save you from bankruptcy because you won't have to spend money fixing your damaged buildings or rebuilding them.  
Give you an advantage over your rivals, since with them you can keep your properties intact and generate more income; while they will have to deal with what you set for yourself.  
If you land on shield squares and they are full, they will become new Monopoly Go Dice.

Now that you know everything about shields in Monopoly GO. What are you waiting for to become the king of Monopoly with them? If you have any questions, write to us in comments.