Monopoly Go Sticker Packs (Complete Guide)

Game: Monopoly Go
Time: 2024-04-26
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Monopoly Go sticker packs guide includes information about types, normal stickers odds, gold stickers odds and more.

In game, Sticker packs contains stickers and comes in five different packs. Below is a list of all the packs:

1-star Guaranteed pack (Green)

2-star Guaranteed pack (Yellow)

3-star Guaranteed pack (Pink)

4-star Guaranteed pack (Blue)

5-star Guaranteed pack (Purple)

Here we take a look at each of them and what you can find in each one. Below are the odds of pulling normal stickers/gold stickers from the packs.

Monopoly Go sticker packs

Sticker packs can be won by Finishing Quick Wins, Progressing through Milestone Events, Finishing top 10 in a Tournament, Spinning the Color Set Wheel, Buying Sticker Packs through Monopoly Go's store, and more.