A Complete Guide For Monopoly Go Sticker Boom

Game: Monopoly Go
Time: 2024-03-31
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If you want to get more stickers in Monopoly Go, the Sticker Boom event that you can’t miss. Unfortunately, many players are not very familiar with this event. Therefore, this article will provide a detailed explanation of the event, including what it is, how to take advantage of it, etc.

What Is Monopoly Go Sticker Boom?

Monopoly GO Stickers

Sticker Boom is a sporadic flash event on Monopoly Go. Playing the game during this event can mean a great deal more stickers. For example, an Orange Sticker Pack normally gives three Monopoly Go Stickers, but during Sticker Boom, you get five instead because the game rounds the 1.5 extra Stickers up to two. So this timing will usually set you up perfectly for the top event, allowing you to collect more packs and increase your sticker haul.

When Will Monopoly Go Sticker Boom Arrive?

Unfortunately, Scopely does not release any information regarding this event; they appear in the game randomly. Having better insights about the event's previous appearances can help predict the likeliness of the next one to come, but predicting the exact date might not always be possible. In addition, the window to catch Sticker Boom however is quite large and you usually have 18-24 hours to log in from the start of the event to activate it for one hour.

How To Utilize Monopoly Go Sticker Boom?

Keep in mind, that the event only lasts for an hour after you log in, and the countdown can’t be paused. So, it’s best to log in when you have enough time to actively play and gather as many Sticker Packs as possible from other events happening at the same time. Here are some useful tips to utilize this event:

Achievement Milestones: To make the most out of a Sticker Boom event, only log in when you are ready to get through some milestones in order to win packs, especially handy if you can get blue or purple packs.

Optimizing Sticker Acquisition: The key is to open as many sticker packs as possible during the event’s run, leveraging these boosts to amass a large sticker collection. So effective sticker collection is crucial in these events!

Event Exclusive Rewards: During the Sticker Boom event, you should watch out for Event Exclusive sticker packs, ranging from unique stickers needed to complete a collection, to in-game cash and even gold. Stay alert to these opportunities, as they can offer a substantial advantage in the game.

Combine Events: Where possible, synchronize sticker booms with color wheel boosts. So if you know you will be completing a lot of color sets for those wheel spins, Wheel Boost will give you two spins instead of one, and Sticker Boom will increase the number of stickers you get by 50%.

This is just about everything we know about Sticker Boom. If you understand and have mastered this event, this will give you many stickers that will make your progress skyrocket and confidently traverse this intriguing board world!