Monopoly GO: All Events Tier List

Game: Monopoly Go
Time: 2024-07-01
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Monopoly GO Events

There are many different types of events in Monopoly Go that can affect your gameplay significantly. In this guide, we have ranked them according to their impact on the game and value for you to strategize better and get the most out of it.

Level: S-Tier

Partners Event

Partner Events in Monopoly Go are giant social events that allow you to work with your friends to build exciting attractions on your boards in exchange. Once you collect enough tokens, you can cash them in to spin a prize wheel. The wheel dishes out points needed to progress through the event and unlock different milestones. Once all milestones are completed you’ll receive the grand prize for the event.

Prize Token Events

The Monopoly Go Peg E Prize Drop is by far one of the best events the game has to offer. Tokens can be collected through various activities to win rewards such as dice, stickers, and more. Saving tokens until the last day of the event will yield maximum returns. Also focusing on collecting money may boost your points total too.

Wheel Boost Event

Wheel Boost in Monopoly GO is a spontaneous event that grants an additional spin on the Color Wheel each time you finish a color set on Hotel tiles. It presents a great opportunity to earn extra rewards which benefits all players regardless of their collection status.

Monument Rush Event

The Monument Rush boost earns you dice and money for the duration of the monument. Interestingly, you’ll earn dice and money for each building you complete. Of course, the amount of money you earn depends on your level in the game: the higher your level, the more money you earn. This combo with Wheel Boost could be deadly.

Golden Blitz Event

Golden Blitz is a special event in Monopoly Go that lets players trade golden stickers five times a day. These stickers usually can’t be traded, so Golden Blitz is your only opportunity to do so. It benefits community involvement and generosity among other things thus making it one of the best events.

Sticker Boom Event

A Sticker Boom Event is an in-game event in Monopoly GO that increases the sticker counts for players when they open a sticker pack. Provides 50% more Monopoly Go Stickers from packs however the quality of stickers received remains the same. It helps those players who want quantity over specific stickers. By the way, if you want specific stickers, you can buy them on U4gm, which is the best place to offer Monopoly Go Stickers for Sale, including gold stickers -100% legal, and you can use discount code “Mods” for an extra 5% off now!

Level: A-Tier

Cash Boost Event

During this limited-time event, cash earned from simply playing the game as normal is doubled. This includes rolling, shutdowns, hists, and more but does not apply to cash earned from live events. However, chasing after it is not necessary as there are other ways to earn large amounts of cash quickly. So if you see it why not take advantage if not just move on to the next one.

Free Parking Event

This event is very special and only happens once every few days, at seemingly random times. As you go around the board, free dice rolls will begin to stack up. The next time you land on the Free Parking tile, all of those free dice rolls will be yours, along with a load of cash. It should be attempted, after all, Dice gains can be significant during this event.

Level: B -Tier

Money Catching Event

A chance spot on a board triggers this event and allows players to earn money by tapping. This event is considered low priority since it doesn’t give extra dice or substantial benefits. If no other events are active, it is better to skip them.

High Risk Taker Event

Allows for rolling beyond the maximum but this is seen as very risky since it is only recommended when a complete lane is ready and other advantages are present. Otherwise, it’s not worth the potential dice loss.

Level: C-Tier

Rent Raising Event

This event adds more tenants on your board but does not increase rent income. It is seen as insignificant and not worth going after.

Simply put, Monopoly GO will yield the greatest results if one concentrates only on those graded S or A-Tier events. When there aren’t any higher-ranked options available or when lower-ranked selections meet specific tactical needs — participate in them.