The Best Ways to Get Monopoly Go Stickers

Game: Monopoly Go
Time: 2024-02-29
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The best Monopoly Go strategy is based on knowing how to get as many sticker packs as you can. There are numerous ways to earn stickers. Here are the best strategies and methods to get stickers throughout the game.

Get Free Gifts

Don't forget to claim your free gift every 8 hours in the store, sometimes including a 1-star green sticker pack or 2-star yellow sticker pack. It's best to claim a free gift as soon as you can so that the cooldown for the next gift can start.

Monopoly go Free Gifts

Finish Quick Wins

This is another easy way for players to get stickers in Monopoly Go! This feature is only available after players reach a certain net worth, but once it unlocks, it is a surefire way of getting valuable rewards, like cash, dice rolls, and sticker packs.

Complete Event Milestones

Monopoly Go is filled with events and tournaments that can help players get rare sticker packs. Most main events will contain 4-star blue and 5-star purple sticker packs near the back half of the list. Daily tournaments will have 4-star blue packs in their milestones.

Utilizing Wheel Boost

Wheel Boost in Monopoly Go is a flash event offering a bonus second free spin on the Property Wheel each time you complete a color set on Hotel tiles. It's an excellent opportunity to snag extra rewards, which might include lucrative prizes like 75 dice or even a Blue Sticker Pack.

Complete Boards

While you complete boards, you will earn a 3-star pink sticker pack on occasion. This will happen once every five boards. Combining this with a Landmark Rush or Board Rush will earn you a lot of extra free dice rolls along the way.

Claim Free Dice Links

If you want to claim free dice in Monopoly GO, you first need to reach level 15 and unlock the 'Album' feature. Once you've done that, you'll be able to redeem Monopoly GO Dice Links. These links also include free sticker packs. Generally, these packs consist of green, yellow, and pink stickers.

Earn Mini-Game Rewards

Monopoly Go will occasionally have special events, including Peg-E drops, treasure digging, and co-op partner events. If you are able to accumulate enough event points, you will earn high-level sticker packs, including blue, purple, and Galaxy packs.

Buy Sticker Vaults With Stars

Any sticker duplicates you get become stars, with gold stickers being twice their star value. These stars can be used to open various sticker vaults, especially the purple sticker vault that has a blue, purple, and Galaxy pack.

Take Advantage of Sticker Boom Boost

In Monopoly Go, Sticker Boom events are key for players aiming to collect more stickers rapidly and reap exclusive rewards. For one hour, every sticker pack you earn becomes 50% larger. This bonus is so powerful that you may want to wait for a Sticker Pack before opening any packs.

Buying Monopoly Go Stickers

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