The Special Abilities for Monopoly Go Tokens

Game: Monopoly Go
Time: 2024-04-27
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Monopoly Go Tokens

Tokens in Monopoly Go are more than mere game pieces; they amplify your game with special abilities. For instance, certain tokens multiply cash earned or increase the chances to trigger a bank heist, letting you steal a chunk of change from the bank. Always pick the token that complements your current strategy. Let's take a look what we already know.

The Golden Lion token, symbolizing strength and majesty, provides better odds of landing on event tiles while utilizing High Roller. This will manifest by granting a ten percent increase in event tile landing frequency due to the lion's association with power and resilience.

The St. Paddy's Cat token, representing luck and prosperity, will grant players luck-related bonuses when rolling dice on tiles such as Jail and Chance. This includes a ten percent increase in earning dice back from Jail and Chance tiles.

The Gold Hammer token, embodying craftsmanship and precision, confers advantages during Builder Bash events. This allows the player to construct properties more efficiently, and to obtain discounts related to construction cost.

The Egyptian Cat token, known for its agility and cunning, increases a player's chances of maximizing rewards during Mega Heist events. This results in a ten percent increased likelihood of successfully earning gold bars from opponents due to the cat's reputation for stealth and strategic prowess.

The Fancy Duck token, characterized by elegance and charm, increases the outcome of earning elegant rewards such as dice and sticker packs and avoiding the unwanted cash tiles during Wheel Boost events.

Do you know what other hidden abilities the Monopoly Go tokens have? Please share with us!

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