Fast Path of Exile Leveling Quests Guides from Act1 to Act10

Game: Path of Exile
Time: 2023-02-13
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This guide is for fast leveling where we were only focusing on completing quests which give us skill points and to proceed with the act_1 to Act_10. All the Waypoint 's listed are necessary for this guide. You do recommend getting the Waypoint 's you happen to see, even if they are not in the list, Only go back to town when you want to complete your quests (recommended in the directory). You can come back later to do all the Labyrinths since you only need those for doing the Ascended Labyrinth and if you haven't done them on a previous character.











Fast Path of Exile Leveling Quests Guides from Act1 to Act10

NO.1 Act_1 Leveling Guides

Q1: Enemy at the Gate
Go The Twilight Strand Kill Hillock 
Complete "Enemy at the Gate" (Tarkleigh)

Q2: Breaking Some Eggs and The Dweller of the Deep
Go Lioneye's Watch Into The Coast Get Waypoint,
Go The Mud Flats Find three eggs, 
Go The Submerged Passage Get Waypoint 
Go The Flooded Depths (south) Kill The Dweller of the Deep
Complete "Breaking Some Eggs" & "The Dweller of the Deep" (Tarkleigh)

Q3: The Caged Brute
At The Submerged Passage Into The Ledge (north) and Into The Climb Find The Lower Prison Get Waypoint
Into The Upper Prison, The Warden's Quarters, The Warden's Chambers Kill Brutus
Complete "The Caged Brute" (Tarkleigh)

Q4: The Marooned Mariner
At Prisoner's Gate Into The Ship Graveyard Get Waypoint 
Into The Ship Graveyard Cave Get AllFlame
Into The Ship Graveyard Kill Fairgraves
Into The Cavern of Wrath Get Waypoint 
Complete "The Marooned Mariner" (Bestel)

Q5: Mercy Mission
In The Coast go The Tidal Island Kill Hailrake & get Medicine Chest
Complete "Mercy Mission" (Nessa)

Q6: A Dirty Job
At The Submerged Passage Go back to The Mud Flats Into The Fetid Pool Kill all the monsters
Complete "A Dirty Job" (Tarkleigh)

NO.2 Act_2 Leveling Guides

Q1: Sharp & Cruel
At The Forest Encampment into The Riverways Get Waypoint
Into The Western Forest Kill/Help Alira (to find here, look for a break in the road) and Kill Blackguards & open The Blocked Pass (south)
Into Weaver's Nest Kill The Weaver & take Maligaro's Spike
Complete "Sharp & Cruel" (Silk)
Go to Town Act 1
Complete "The Way Forward" (Bestel)
Back Town Act 2

At The Forest Encampment
Into The Old Fields Get Waypoint
Into The Crossroads Get Waypoint
Into The Broken Bridge (forward) Kill/Help Kraityn

Q2: Deal with the Bandits
At The Riverways
Into The Wetlands (look for a break in the road) Kill/Help Oak and Get Waypoint 
Complete "Deal with the Bandits" (Eramir)

Q3: Intruders in Black
At The Crossroads
Into The Chamber of Sins Level 1 (left) into the Chamber of Sins Level 2 Help Helena (kill Fidelitas), take the Baleful Gem & talk to Helena
Complete "Intruders in Black" (Greust)

At The Wetlands
Into The Vaal Ruins (poison the tree/roots) Break the Seal
Into The Northern Forest Get Waypoint (not needed but I recommend this)
Into The Caverns and The Ancient Pyramid, Pyramid Apex Kill Vaal Oversoul
Into The City of Sarn Kill the Guards & talk to Clarissa
Into The Sarn Encampment

Where you are here, you can be got
Total: 1 Skill Point
Extra: +2 Skill Points (if you killed all the Bandits)

Q4: The Great White Beast
At The Forest Encampment
Go The Old Fields and go The Den Kill The Great White Beast
Complete "The Great White Beast" (Yeena)

Q5: Through Sacred Ground (Unique Jewel & Respec Points)
At The Crossroads (or The Crypt if you have Waypoint )
Go The Fellshrine Ruins (right) -> The Crypt -> The Crypt Level 2 to Find The Golden Hand
Complete "Through Sacred Ground" (Yeena)

NO.3 Act_3 Leveling Guides

Q1: Lost in Love
At The Sarn Encampment -> The Slum -> The Crematorium -> Get Waypoint and Kill Piety & take Tolman's Bracelet
Complete "Lost in Love" (Clarissa & Maramoa)

Q2: Victario's Secrets
At The Sarn Encampment or The Crematorium -> The Slum -> Find Sewer Crating
Go The Slum Sewer -> Find 3 Platinum Busts and Get Waypoint 
Go The Marketplace -> Get Waypoint (only for Lab)
Go The Battlefront -> Get Waypoint 
Go The Docks (right farming spot) -> Find Thaumetic Sulphate and Get Waypoint (just for farming or/and the optional quest "A Swig of Hope")
Complete "Victario's Secrets" (Hargan)

Q3: Piety's Pets
At The Battlefront -> The Solaris Temple Level 1 -> The Solaris Temple Level 2 -> Talk to Lady Dialla
Go The Sewers -> Use Infernal Talc on Undying Passage
Go The Ebony Barracks -> Get Waypoint 
Go The Lunaris Temple Level 1 -> The Lunaris Temple Level 2 -> Kill Piety
Complete "Piety's Pets" (Grigor)

And then at The Ebony Barracks
Go The Imperial Gardens to Get Waypoint (only for the optional quest "A Swig of Hope" & Lab)
Go The Lower Sceptre of God -> The Upper Sceptre of God -> Kill Dominus
Go The Aqueduct -> Highgate

Q4: A Swig of Hope (Rare Ring)
At The Imperial Gardens -> The Hedge Maze To Find Chitu's Plum
Go The Docks 
Complete "A Swig of Hope" (Fairgraves)

Q5: Serve the Right Hand (Gem)
At The Ebony Barracks to Kill General Gravicius
Complete "Serve the Right Hand" (Maramoa)

Q6: The Ribbon Spool (Rare Amulet)
AT The Battlefront to Find Ribbon Spool
Go Solaris Temple Level 2
Complete "The Ribbon Spool" (Lady Dialla)

Q7: A Fixture of Fate (Gem)
At The Imperial Gardens Into The Library -> Get Waypoint and Find 4 Golden Pages
Complete "A Fixture of Fate" (Siosa)

NO.4 Act_4 Leveling Guides

Q1: Breaking the Seal and An Indomitable Spirit
At Highgate -> The Dried Lake (right farming spot) -> Kill Voll
Out Town Open The Mines with Deshret's Banner -> The Mines Level 1 -> The Mines Level 2 -> Release Deshret's Spirit
Go The Crystal Veins -> Get Waypoint 
Complete "Breaking the Seal" (Oyun) & "An Indomitable Spirit" (Tasuni)

Q2: "The King of Desire" & "The King of Fury"
At The Crystal Veins -> Daresso's Dream -> The Grand Arena -> Find & Kill Daresso
Go The Crystal Veins -> Kaom's Dream -> Kaom's Stronghold -> Find & Kill Kaom
Go The Crystal Veins and Talk to Dialla
Go The Belly of the Beast Level 1 -> The Belly of the Beast Level 2 -> The Bowels of the Beast -> Kill Piety
Go The Harvest To Get Waypoint 
Complete "The King of Desire" & "The King of Fury" (Dialla)

Q3: The Eternal Nightmare
At The Harvest To Kill Malachai's 3 Guardians
Go The Black Core To Kill Malachai
Go Highgate
Complete "The Eternal Nightmare" (Tasuni)

NO.5 Act_5 Leveling Guides

Q1: Return to Oriath
At Highgate Find Oriath Portal
Go Use the Portal to Get Waypoint and Kill Overseer Crow
Go Overseer's Tower
Complete "Return to Oriath" (Lani)

Q2: "The Key to Freedom" (Lani) & "In Service to Science"
At Overseer's Tower
Go The Control Blocks to Find Experimental Supplies And Kill Justicar Casticus
Go Oriath Square to Get Waypoint 
Complete "The Key to Freedom" (Lani) & "In Service to Science" (Vilenta)

Q3: Death to Purity
At Oriath Square
Go Templar Courts Entrance -> The Chamber of Innocence -> Get Waypoint and Find & Kill High Templar Avarius
Complete "Death to Purity" (Lani)

Q4: Kitava's Torments
At The Chamber of Innocence -> The Torched Courts -> The Ruined Square to Get Waypoint 
Go The Reliquary to Find Kitava's Torments
Complete Kitava's Torments (Lani)

At The Ruined Square -> The Ossuary to Find Sign of Purity.
At The Ruined Square -> The Cathedral Rooftop -> The Cathedral Apex -> Kill Kitava -> Sail to Wraeclast.

Q5: The King's Feast (Unique Jewel)
At The Ruined Square To Kill Utala
Complete "The King's Feast" (Bannon)

NO.6 Act_6 Leveling Guides

Q1: The Father of War
At Lioneye's Watch -> The Coast -> Get Waypoint 
Go The Mud Flats To Kill Forgotten Warrior & take The Eye and Find Nessa
Go The Karui Fortress -> Tukohama's Keep -> Kill Tukohama
Go The Ridge To Get Waypoint 
Complete "The Father of War" (Tarkleigh)

Q2: The Clove One
AT The Ridge -> The Lower Prison -> Get Waypoint 
Go Shavronne's Tower -> Prison Rooftop -> Kill Shavronne
Go The Warden's Chambers -> The Prisoner's Gate -> Get Waypoint 
Go Valley of the Fire Drinker To Start fight with Abberath
Go The Gloves Pass -> Valley of the Fire Drinker -> Kill Abberath
Complete "The Clove One" (Bestel)

Q3: The Puppet Mistress
At The Prisoner's Gate -> The Western Forest -> Get Waypoint 
Go The Riverways to Get Waypoint 
Go The Wetlands (find a break in the road) -> The Spawning Grounds -> Kill The Puppet Mistress
Complete "The Puppet Mistress" (Tarkleigh)

And last at The Riverways
Go The Southern Forest To Get Waypoint 
Go The Cavern of Anger -> The Beacon -> Get Waypoint and Light up The Beacon
Go Sail to The Brine King's Reef -> The Brine King's Throne -> Kill The Brine King
Sail to Act 7

Q4: Fallen from Grace (Respec Point)
At The Lioneye's Watch -> The Twilight Strand -> Clear the strand
Complete "Fallen from Grace" (Lilly)

NO.7 Act_7 Leveling Guides

At The Bridge Encampment -> The Broken Bridge -> The Crossroads -> Get Waypoint 
Go The Fellshrine Ruins -> The Crypt -> Get Waypoint and Find Maligaro's Map
Out Town

Q1: The Master of Million Faces
At The Crossroads -> The Chamber of Sins Level 1 -> Get Waypoint and Activate Map Device
Go Maligaro's Map to Kill Maligaro
Go The Chamber of Sins Level 1 -> The Chamber of Sins Level 2 -> The Den -> The Ashen Fields -> The Fortress Encampment -> Kill Great
Go The Northern Forest To Get Waypoint 
Complete "The Master of Million Faces" (Eramir)

Q2: Queen of Despair
At The Northern Forest -> The Dread Thicket To Find all Fireflies
Go The Den Despair to Kill Gruthkul
Complete "Queen of Despair" (Eramir)

Q3: Kishara's Star
At The Northern Forest -> The Causeway -> Find Kishara's Star
Go The Vaal City to Get Waypoint 
Complete "Kishara's Star" (Weylam)

At The Vaal City -> The Temple of Decay Level 1 -> The Temple of Decay Level 2 -> Arakaali's Web -> Kill Arakaali
Go The Sarn Ramparts to Get Waypoint 
Go The Sarn Encampment

Q4: The Silver Locket (Utility Flask)
AT The Bridge Encampment -> The Broken Bridge -> Find Silver Locket
Complete "The Silver Locket" (Weylam)

NO.8 Act_8 Leveling Guides

Q1: Essence of the Hag
At The Sarn Encampment -> The Toxic Conduits -> Doedre's Cesspool -> Loose Crate -> Kill Doedre the Vile
Go Sewer Outlet To Get Waypoint 
Complete "Essence of the Hag" (Hargan)

Q2: Love is Dead
At The Toxic Conduits/Sewer Outlet -> The Quay (right/north) -> Find Ankh of Eternity
Go Resurrection Site To Kill Tolman
Go The Grain Gate to Get Waypoint 
Complete "Love is Dead" (Clarissa)

Q3: Reflection of Terror
At The Toxic Conduits/Sewer Outlet -> The Grand Promenade (left/south) -> The Bath House -> Get Waypoint 
Go The High Gardens -> The Pool of Terror -> Kill Yugul
Complete "Reflection of Terror" (Hargan)

Q4: The Gemling Legion
At The Grain, Gate To Kill Gemling Legionnaires
Go The Imperial Fields to Get Waypoint 
Go The Solaris Temple Level 1 to Get Waypoint 
Go The Solaris Temple Level 2 to Kill Dawn & take Sun Orb
Complete "The Gemling Legion" (Maramoa)

At The Bath House
Go The Lunaris Concourse to Get Waypoint 
Go The Lunaris Temple Level 1 -> The Lunaris Temple Level 2 -> Kill Dusk & take Moon Orb
Out Town
At The Lunaris Concourse -> The Harbour Bridge (south) -> The Sky Shrine -> Kill Solaris & Lunar
Go The Blood Aqueduct

Q5: The Wings of Vastiri (Unique Jewel)
At The Bath House to Kill Hector Titucious
Complete "The Wings of Vastiri" (Hargan)

NO.9 Act_9 Leveling Guides

Q1: Queen of the Sands
At The Blood Aqueduct (right farming spot) -> Highgate -> The Descent -> Supply Hoist -> Supply Hoist -> The Vastiri Desert -> Get Waypoint and Find Storm-Weathered Chest, Kill Mummies & take The Storm Blade
Go The Oasis (place TP outside and go back to town) to Talk to Sin and Talk to Petrus & Vanja
Use TP to The Oasis -> The Sand Pit -> Kill Shakari
Complete "Queen of the Sands" (Irasha)

Q2: The Ruler of Highgate
At The Vastiri Desert -> The Foothills -> The Boiling Lake -> Find Basilisk Acid
Out Town
Go The Foothills -> The Tunnel -> Get Waypoint 
Go The Quarry to Get Waypoint 
Go Shrine of the Winds (left) to Kill Kira & Gurakhan
Go The Quarry -> The Refinery (right) -> Find Trarthan Powder
Complete "The Ruler of Highgate" (Tasuni/Irasha)

Q3: Fastis Fortuna (Respec Points)
At The Foothills to Kill Boulderback
Complete "Fastis Fortuna" (Petarus & Vanja)

At Talk to Sin in Town -> The Quarry -> The Belly of the Beast -> The Rotting Core -> The Black Heart -> Kill The Spirits of Shavronne (Shavronne, Maligaro & Doedre)
Go The Black Heart to Kill The Depraved Trinity
Sail back to Oriath

NO.10 Act_10 Leveling Guides

Q1: "Safe Passage" (Lani) & "Death and Rebirth"
At Oriath Docks GO The Cathedral Rooftop TO Kill Kitava's Cultists
Go The Ravaged Square to Get Waypoint (north)
Go The Torched Courts -> The Desecrated Chambers -> The Sanctum of Innocence -> Kill Avarius
Complete "Safe Passage" (Lani) & "Death and Rebirth" (Bannon & Lani)

Q2: An End to Hunger
AT The Ravaged Square to Talk to Innocence
Go The Canals -> The Feeding Through -> Kill Kitava
Complete "An End to Hunger" (Lani)

Q3: Map to Tsoatha (Respec Points)
At The Ravaged Square -> The Reliquary (south) -> Get Waypoint and Find The Teardrop
Complete "Map to Tsoatha" (Lilly)

Q4: No Love for Old Ghosts (Respec Points)
At The Ravaged Square -> The Ossuary -> The Bone Pits -> Find The Elixir of Allure
Complete "No Love for Old Ghosts" (Weylam)