The Most Popular Poe 3.6 Builds for Occultist, Trickster, Elementalist, Inquisitor, Juggernaut

Game: Path of Exile
Time: 2023-02-13
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Path of Exile Problem leagues can be an excellent opportunity for your new start out within a new overall economy. Your whole previous characters and items are still existing in the Normal and Hardcore leagues, but you might be encouraged to affix the new leagues, full difficulties and reveal your mastery of Path of Exile! With Poe 3.6.0, there are Conventional, Hardcore and Solo Self-Found versions with the Synthesis obstacle league out there. They may have the same core mechanics and items. You can make personal league versions of these leagues, with mods which make the sport more difficult. Within the Synthesis Challenge League, you can fulfill Cavas, a lingering spirit who has missed his recollections. He needs your assistance to piece his past collectively and find the secrets that have to grow to be isolated in his head.

The Most Popular Poe 3.6 Builds for Occultist, Trickster, Elementalist, Inquisitor, Juggernaut

[Poe 3.6 Occultist Builds] The "Ultimate" SOULREND / ESSENCE DRAIN Extremely safe and Easy to league start Build

In 3.6 update, a couple of new Chaos Skills appear, such as Soulrend, Malevolence, and Bane as well as older Chaos Skills get a significant boost and revamps! We will be using these skills in 3.6 to league start, as well as deeper, explore different combinations with a well-know Essence Drain + Contagion combo (as Soulrend and ED stacks and count as separate sources of DoT). Over last months This Build has been checking various sources on current Essence Drain situation as well as tried to squeeze max damage out of it. In this guide, you will (hopefully) find the most comprehensive and detailed information on different ED setups! 

+ Extremely safe (2-3x defensive Curses, 12K+ ES)
+ Easy to league start (can run on Uniques with good sustain)
+ Requires only one 6-Link for end-game
+ All mods, even no mana regen is possible
+ No need for Wither totem

- With ED+Contagion you continuously need to cast two skills. If you want to spam just 1 and zoom-zoom, this build might not be for you
- Not a fast mapper
- End-Game bossing takes a while

PoB Link:
Path of the building (End-game +3 bow + quiver Balanced DPS setup)::
Track of the building (Cerberus Limb + Armour Shield HIGHEST DEFENSE setup)::
Path of the building (Highest DPS, lvl98, Aul's Uprising, Heretic's Veil, 3 Auras, 3 Curses setup)::
For Ascendancy: Wicked Ward, Vile Bastion, Void Beacon, Withering Presence.
Bandits: Kill All
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[Poe 3.6 Trickster Builds] High useful health pool and Fast mapper with great defenses

In the EB build, you use two auras: Malevolence and Grace. Both reserve all your mana. On the other hand, the Vaal versions, Vaal Grace and Vaal Haste consume souls. They don't need mana and can be used anytime you have enough souls.
Currently, This Build has covered two different ways of building the character. Ultimately you would want to transition from the pure MoM version, which is dead cheap, to the MoM+EB one, which is overall way stronger once you have the required gear. Each section has the corresponding path of building links, information about items, gem links, jewels, flasks, labyrinths, passive skill trees, and a summary.

+ High effective health pool
+ ~20% block chance
+ 50/50% spell and attack dodge during Quartz flask
+ 75/75% spell and attack dodge during Vaal Grace
+ ~55% evade chance during jade and stibnite flasks uptime
+ 78% maximum elemental resistances 
+ 6% reduced damage taken from Weave the Arcane
+ ~120% movement speed
+ Temporal Chains curse from Bane
+ Fortify
+ Vaal Grace

- We get a lot of attacks and cast speed from the Trickster ascendancy
- Patient Reaper and Prolonged Pain further boost our damage over time
- Malevolence Aura socketed in Essence Worm
- Permanent Onslaught
- 4 Power and 4 Frenzy charges
- Despair curse from Bane
- Vaal Haste

PoB Link:
Skrill Tree:
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[Poe 3.6 Elementalist Builds] Very fun and engaging build to play WinterIsComing Elementalist

With 3x Heralds + aspect of the spider reserved we do not have a huge mana pool left. Having mana leech + warlord's mark takes care of most of this but if you are not hitting a monster or have Hexproff on the map or something you will run out here and there. For the most part, it is not an issue though. We leveled with Stormbrand (linked with onslaught) and Lightning Spire Trap (connected with the light pen and added lightning). You have also used Winter Orb as self-casting/channeling. Never killed Kitara and others so quickly before. We do however recommend a slightly different approach than OP considering the leveling tree if you wanna use WO "early." The potency of Will and Exceptional Performance (increased duration) nodes makes a difference for keeping WO up and not having to stop every 5 sec for channeling. We specced out a few life nodes since you grab several life nodes on the way down south in the tree and also next to scion you have some juicy resist nodes too good before you get better to resist gear.

+ Very fun and engaging build to play
+ Breakneck pace build
+ Incredibly fast movement speed with phase run + Quicksilver
+ Flame Dash with more rapid casting to jump gaps/cliffs
+ One of the best AOE clears in the game hands down
+ Able to do strong burst single target damage which shreds map bosses
+ Incredibly fun self-crafting on tons of gear pieces
+ Can do almost all map mods
+ Able to do all content (all maps, uber Atziri, all labs, shaper and guardians, uber elder)
+ Extremely high defensive capabilities
+ Main skill obliterates all destructible barrels/urns around you
+ Immune to corrupting blood
+ Warlord's Mark on Hit
+ Aspect of the spider makes monsters covered in webs which looks sweet
+ Free Arcane Surge + Impulse explosion effect
+ Easy/Cheap to gear with room for lots of improvements as you get more Poe currency

- Ele Reflect maps are NOT possible
- Physical Reflect maps are best to be avoided
- Hexproff AND no regen on the same Map should be avoided.
- Can be slightly laggy when you run into allies cannot die totem
- Single Target dps is hard to maintain for anything with multiple phases
- Not the best uber elder farmer, though can still be done decently
- Can be decently expensive to fully min/max yourself for end game gear

PoB Link:
Skrill Tree:
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[Poe 3.6 INQUISITOR Builds] Bashtart's SPARK INQUISITOR Farming Poe Currency Build

This is a good build for your farming Poe Currency at Poe 3.6. Don't take Mind Over Matter before you can sustain it. What help is Pious Path Ascendancy or somewhere on gear or skill tree "% of damage taken gained as mana over 4 seconds when hit"! You will also need a high unreserved mana pool (about 800 - 1k unreserved mana, take mana nodes behind MoM and Dreamer). The offense is the best defense. The synergy between high crits and sparks everywhere results in dying mobs all over the map. We create a shield of freezing flashes around us which is healing us with every hit. We freeze nearly everything before it even hit us. That makes this build extremely safe, secure, fast and fun to play! This Build in 3.6 dropped the single target spell and use Spark in the six links with an additional four linked orb of the storm with power charge on crit + culling strike and arcane surge. The skill tree is also updated!

+ top tier clearspeed
+ high dps
+ very safe mapping (all mods are possible except ele reflection)
+ viable for lvl 100
+ comfortable, fast and fun to play
+ swift movement speed

- can't facetank everything
- no regen maps can be annoying

PoB Link:
Skrill Tree:
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[Poe 3.6 Juggernaut Builds] Hybrid's take on Jugg Molten Strike

The removal of min crit chance cap won't affect us since we are not using anything that lowers our crit chance.
Actually, in this patch, it would be easier to proc EO since consecrated ground now grants 100% increased crit chance.
Plus there is a new flask that triples the consecrated ground area AND grants +2% crit chance against mobs in it.
So if previously we had a 5% crit chance, we now have 14%.
5 (base from sword) +2 (from flask) X 2 (100% increased from consecrated ground) = 14 .
(would be closer to 13% due to hit chance cap and how POE works, but that's nvm :) ).
Blood rage's mana cost has been reduced, but we don't care, was never a problem.
Anger damage got buffed slightly.
tombfists got nerfed and no longer grants attack speed.
They are still a good choice for the build tho since you can even have abyss jewels in them and the intimidation debuff is a nice dps boost.
This league a rare pair of gloves with life, attack speed and some damage mod\s could make a decent alternative (but still less damage).
This will also open a new source of getting dex and res from gear.
Skill tree wise - can't see anything that will affect us.
Edit: this build changed the tree a tiny bit to get an extra ten dexes and 4% life.
Nothing to do with the 3.6 patches tho.
We use anger and herald of ash since both are the most prominent dps auras we can use.
You can replace HOA with vitality if you have the vitality leech watchers eye.
War banner has a minimal effect on us since we already have a lot of accuracies and we are almost at the hit chance cap anyway.
The attack speed gained from the banner's increased accuracy is pretty low.
Also, the increased damage took isn't global, its phyz, which we do not deal, only fire.
The adrenaline is a big boost, but it is active only when you place the banner and for a short period (like 2 sec?).
This is almost useless against bosses, where you need the dps boost.
While mapping you have enough damage.

+ VERY tanky: many layers of defense
+ Lots of life: 9k without GG gear
+ Lots of damage
+ Can do all content
+ Excellent lab runner
+ Fast mapping
+ Can start on a budget, a good league starter too
+ Scales greatly with better gear
+ No clunky mechanics
+ Can do any map mod, Rippy maps isn't a big deal anymore

- Not a "ZOOM ZOOM" character like deadeye TS\KB (but is it a con? :P)
- Could get expensive if you try to min\max the build

PoB Link:
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