Most Popular PoE 3.4 Templar Hierophant Builds

Game: Path of Exile
Time: 2023-02-13
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The Hierophant is definitely an Ascendancy class for Templars.The Hierophant provides a mixture of non-conventional sources of damage, defenses, and overall utility aimed towards spell and totem users. They've access to further totem limit, with totem enhancements and bonuses that scale with further totems to accompany it. They are able to use a big mana pool properly by converting it to defensive bonuses though also conserving and regenerating it. They are able to also use Arcane Surge with substantial bonuses to spellcasters attached to it, along with endurance and power charge generation.

Fixed a bug where the Hierophant's Arcane Blessing could give traps, totems and mines Arcane Surge as an alternative in the player.


[POE 3.4 Hierophant]Cheap,Starter Freezing Pulse Totem Hierophant Guide Build

[POE 3.4 Hierophant]Good Starter ARC totem Hierophant Build

[POE 3.4 Hierophant]Detailed and Popular Ghostly Quad Totem Howa Build

[POE 3.4 Hierophant]Glacial Cascade Totem Hierophant Guide For All Content Build


Most Popular PoE 3.4 Templar Hierophant Builds:


NO.1 [POE 3.4 Hierophant]Cheap,Starter Freezing Pulse Totem Hierophant Guide Build

There weren't any modifications to Hierophant or Freezing Pulse. The alterations around the skill tree are a slight buff. We are saving two points obtaining to Holy Dominion and Light of Divinity.

The main alter for us may be the shield charge nerf, along with the buff to Phase Run, Flame Dash and Lightning Warp. The one factor that nevertheless makes Shield Charge appealing is Fortify. A 20% general damage reduction is just incredibly strong and we've got no method to apply fortify with movement spells. With Silver and Quicksilver Flask our Shield Charge is still decently quickly. Phase Run can now be cast immediately, I think that just operating and spamming your totems are going to be pretty quickly too. At final Wands ARE viable now, when you take place to locate a great wand (preferably with cast speed for movement spells), and also you wanna run with Flame Dash/Lightning Warp, do it. Will be nice if some individuals can report back how it feels using these movement spells now.

Relating to Delves: The construct should be pretty secure in low to mid-tier delves thanks to the freezing. For those who wanna go definitely deep, you can possibly run into damage challenges. Freezing Pulse is an incredible talent for fast mapping, nevertheless it doesn't possess the highest damage potential.



+ NO gear requirements (except 2 threshold jewels), so cheap and SSF viable

+ Transitions nicely from levelling to mapping without any problems and big investments

+ Easy to cap resists

+ Easy to reach 7k-8k EHP with 40% MoM

+ Able to clear maps up to T15 comfortly

+ Very safe because we freeze all minions except bosses instantly

+ Can go Magic Find

+ Can run all map mods (I would reroll Ele-Reflect since your totems 1 or 2-shot themselves, but clearing the map is possible)

+ Can reach 1.5 million Shaper DPS (300k DPS per totem) + this is specific damage gear, 80-100k DPS is enough for mapping

+ Possible to kill guardians and shaper with some investments



- No leech

- Totems


Main Skill: Freezing Pulse


Bandits: Alira, since both CritMulti and ManaRegen are very good for us and resists are never bad.



Major: Brine King, if no Kaom's Roots, else probably Solaris

Minor: Gruthkul



Uber Elder:


Skill Tree: 

Level 28/29 -

Level 43 -

Level 55 -

Read Maps -


Level 89 -


Pob Link:


Example Link:



NO.2 [POE 3.4 Hierophant] Good Starter ARC totem Hierophant Build

This make is pretty flexible:all rares until Blood Aqueduct -> farm tabula rasa (card drop + purchase cards with currency - need to take 2 hours if lucky) -> finish primary quests -> begin mapping -> all rares + tabula rasa really should be enough -> play secure to reach lvl 90 -> tree finished right here -> get superior gears -> try to spawn Uber Elders and kill them.Hope it helps



+ Good starter build and end game;

+ Fast;

+ Fun (if you don't dislike totems).



- 6L soul mantle is expensive and curse management isn't for all;

- Primary defense is movement.


Main Skill: Arc


Bandits: Help Alira



Major: Brine King

Minor: Gruthkuls



Rare T7 Map-



Pursuit of Faith

Ritual of Awakening

Conviction of Power


Divine Guidance


Skill Tree:


Pob Link:


Example Link:



NO.3 [POE 3.4 Hierophant]Detailed and Popular Ghostly Quad Totem Howa Build

This construct makes use of many affordable distinctive things, most of the end game finest in slot items have low price Can do any map mod and clear all the content. Several people now have employed this create and taken down all guardians, shaper and uber atziri deathless. 

Seriously only two content, while conquerable is a lot more hassle then its worth:Elemental reflect maps;Hall of your grandmasters.


3.4 Update: No real changes. Tree re-balance results in small damage and ES boost.Vaal ancestral warchief introduced, hopefully its good

The deterministic entropy system of block/evasion in poe won't allow you to 'get unlucky' with a series of hits, you are guaranteed a certain amount of recovery time after they score a hit for your ES recharge to kick in. 



- Fortify

- 10k+ ES

- 43% Chance to block

- Shaper evade chance: 53% base, 77% with blind and 84% with blind and jade flask

- 5% ES regenerated per second + faster ES recharge rate and start time

- 4 Distracting totems end up taking most of the damage anyway

- Ignite and shock immunity



- Inc aoe against normal mobs for mapping 294,

- Conc effect Shaper DPS with flasks 480,

- Shaper DPS on a 5-link 345,


Main Skill: Ancestral Warchief


Bandit: Alira



Soul of the Brine King Pantheon for the stunlock immunity. Evasion prevents stunlock from attacks but its good being able to charge away from a stunning firestorm. None of the other options appeal that much anyway.

Soul of Abberath is my preferred minor pantheon bonus. Immunity to burning ground is really handy.



Pursuit of Faith - Divine Guidance - Sanctuary Of Thought - Ritual Of Awakening



T16 Boss Kill -

T16 Clearing -

Shaper Full Run -


PoB Link:


Skill Tree: 

Level 70:

Level 90:

Level 95:


Example Link:



NO.4 [POE 3.4 Hierophant] Glacial Cascade Totem Hierophant  Guide For All Content Build

As advertised, this build is capable of carrying out all existing content material inside the game .This construct is quite extensive and interested readers can find information on everything from detailed gearing alternatives to explanations of diverse game mechanics.s.


3.4 Update: 

This construct to league start with in Delve league and it went wonderful! Really feel free of charge to take a look at the two. Gear snapshot or the PoB where some decisions to mix it up a little bit for individuality sake. Try a thing different by going Kikazaru this league with Acro/Phase Acro and it went good! Uber Elder down in 3 days! 3.four was a fairly non-intrusive patch for this develop. No nerf to Glacial Cascade. No nerf to Stat Sticks. No nerf to anything relevant for this construct. No new uniques worth thinking of... yet.

Removal of Attack Speed as a stat prioritization. Removal of references to Brightbeak. 


Leveling Trees updated.Mention of Acro/Phase Acro for endgame defensive solutions.



+ Do it all. Any map mod. Any boss. If you want to fill out your atlas and see all of the content within the game with one character then this can be a fantastic develop play.

+ Safe. Totems by nature are secure as a result of distance and reflect going to totems in place of the Templar. On top rated of that Glacial Cascade is a enormous region of effect spell that freezes.

+ Mind over Matter. Speaking of protected, MoM is amongst the best defensive Keystones and is straightforward to gear for.

+ Newbie and League-Starter friendly. Leveling, mapping, and progressing the construct feels smooth.

+ Enormous Single Target Damage. The mechanics of Glacial Cascade can hit the identical enemy extra than as soon as together with the exact same cast. Swapping of talent gems can lead to "More" multipliers if needed.



- Totems are usually not for everybody. Players appear to enjoy or hate them. That getting stated, this version of totems could be quite a bit far more "active" than other totem builds. Naturally adore totems and perhaps you may also right after playing this build!

- Haven't personally tested Hardcore. Some people on this thread have described a variation within the guide for - Hardcore which includes dropping the Shadow crit area for the scion life wheel.

- Can not use a Spell Totem MTX. That is as a result of Spell Totem inside of Soul Mantle. The guide is ending right here for some people.


Main Skill: Glacial Cascade


Bandit: Help Alira. Kill them all is an alternative.



Major God - Lunaris with Avoid Projectiles that have Chained. If you don't have Kaom's Roots then use Brine King with Stun and Block Recovery

Minor God – Gruthkul or Ryslatha (it's personal preference but I prefer Gruthkul for mapping and Ryslatha and a Life Flask with Curse Removal for long fights)



- Pursuit of Faith

- Ritual of Awakening

- Conviction of Power

- Divine Guidance



Deathless Uber Elder Kill with commentary -

3 Minute Deathless Uber Elder Video -


PoB Link:


Skill Tree: 

Switch to GC Totems -

Normal and Cruel Lab -

Final Skill Tree -

Hardcore Variant -


Example Link: