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The Elder Scrolls Online Overview & Features

The Elder Scrolls Online is an MMORPG inspired by the franchise of the same name. Players choose between nine races and four classes—Dragonknight, Templar, Sorcerer, and Nightblade—to determine abilities. An open-ended skill system allows skill customization in line with other Elder Scrolls games, such as choosing to be a Sorcerer that wields a two-handed sword. Your race determines what alliance you belong to in a war for the Imperial Throne. Grand-scale PvP battles involve more than just team deathmatch skirmishes: collect resources, assist citizens, and capture objectives. The world reacts to your decisions in quest chains. Ambiguous moral decisions may see villages thrive or become decrepit keeps patrolled by ghosts. Operating outside the law, players can steal and murder NPCs but injustice puts a bounty on your head or summons guards to exterminate your wrongdoing. The game launched as Elder Scrolls Online but was renamed to Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited upon dropping its subscription.


Elder Scrolls Online Key Features:

  • Player Choice – world evolves based on your decisions during quests.
  • Justice System – kill and steal from NPCs while avoiding detection
  • Voice-Acting – every NPC features extensive voice-acting.
  • Open-Ended Skill System – highly customizable playstyle with large skill tree.
  • Large Scale PvP Zone – features siege battles, quests, and scouting.

News and Guides

What Major Changes On Elder Scrolls Online To Be Expected Next Year
What Major Changes On Elder Scrolls Online To Be Expected Next Year

Elder Scrolls Online fans decide to see the major changes that Bethesda is going to add in the experience next year. The update will permit the players create their very own houses high will be other fantastic additions that they have to watch out for.


ESO: What Will You Use Homestead for?
ESO: What Will You Use Homestead for?

Homestead is going to launch in February 2017, which means you are able to pick your wanted home and decorative items to personalize your home. So before it comes out, what will you use it for? For storage, decoration or socialization with friends and guildies and something else?


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